In almost every imaginable field, the competition is stiff and everyone is already doing whatever they can to come in front of the queue and get a piece of the action. If you are about to launch a new business in this chaos, then you will most definitely need a well planned Public Relations campaign to get some sort of a brand recognition. However, the most obvious question is how to do that? Well for starters, you will need to go through the following points to understand how one should go about it.

Hire a Public Relations Expert

Someone who has completed a public relations master’s degree is trained to develop strategies and tactics for promoting their client’s business. Whatever the size and nature of the business, the PR professional will adapt and adjust the strategies and plans accordingly. You need to hire a professional so that he/she can help you achieve your specific marketing goals while working within your stipulated budget.

Set Your Priorities

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, your PR plans will differ greatly. For example, when you are launching a new business and you want people to know about it, the stress should mainly be on social media marketing and press releases. Similarly, product reviews, blog posts, and articles on well-established sites and magazines should be part of the deeper PR plan when you are past that initial exposure stage.

Research and Customize

While completing my online public relations program from George Washington University, I learned a lot about customer research and how to go about customizing a PR strategy which matches the results of that research. This is an essential step because the demographics and the psychographics of your potential customers are essential to launching a successful and audience-specific PR campaign. Make sure that the PR firm/personnel you are working with do not neglect this part.


If you are going to launch a new gaming accessory, tying up with a popular upcoming game is instant publicity that targets the right audience and is guaranteed to get you some recognition. This holds true in the case of every business. Build and maintain good business relationships with other companies to promote each other.

Stay in Touch on Social Media

As you are launching a business in this day and age, I am going to presume that you already have plans to create a dedicated Facebook page as well. However, that’s only half the work because you need to keep in touch with your audience on a daily basis by engaging and interacting with them through surveys, contests, regular posts, etc. If you stop being active and engaging on social media, people will soon be drawn to your competitors who remain active on their respective pages. This applies to Instagram, Twitter, and everything in-between.
Keep these five points in mind and communicate your needs, goal, and budget as clearly as possible to your PR department/personnel. Work with them to launch the perfect, customized campaign, which will provide your startup with the launch pad it needs.