What is the best Pdf software for your financial firm? [Buyer’s guide]

For financial companies to secure a place and relevance in the rapidly expanding and competitive business, they need to devise practically effective ways to grasp and build long term relationships with their customers. This is simply possible with the use of technology and document handling is one of those areas that need technology for proper document workflow. Now, PDF tools form the cog of this but which are the best PDF software for financial companies? Now to answer this, we will review 7 best PDF tools that stand a cut above the rest and worth using in financial tasks.

PDFelement 6

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 5/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows and Mac
Price: starts at $59.95/one-time/user

PDFelement 6 is an outstanding all-in one financial management tool that greatly satisfies the common and crucial user need for an easy-to-use intuitive interface. This is fundamental because most firms prefer a no-brainer tool to allow many workers perform several tasks within a short time and with minimum supervisions. There are several useful capabilities that combine the functions of editing, creating, converting, annotating, and protection of financial documents.

In fact, it provides a better way for financial institutions to integrate their old systems with the new ones as clearly shown by its ability to transform the old paper forms to pdf formats which can be handled with ease.

One awesome feature tailored for accounting professionals has got to be the OCR feature in the PDFelement.

For instance, an accountant can use it to swiftly find invoice information like placing a ticket in a scanner while the PDFelement extracts relevant information from the ticket. The beauty is that the extracted information is structured well organized to let you handle it without breaking a sweat.

Personally, I would prefer this software for businesses that do require a full suite of pdf software.

The great ease of data extraction, excellent recognition for form fields and page labelling, batch processing, file encryption for important documents by use of passwords and e-signing, and the good organization screen ensures significant saving cost, better security, enhanced auditability as well as a rise in productivity for financial firms. Other direct benefits are consistent communication due to the streamlined delivery of documents and files, meeting of regulations via conversion to standardized ISO or PDF/A format, and good archiving among others.

The Pro version offers field creation as well as property modification features. Together with automatic field recognition features and bulk extraction of data, the data processing speed is quite improved. The redact function also incorporated allows you to delete hidden information and PDF/A file save mode, a feature that ensures the original formatting is preserved irrespective of the number of edits made.

Adobe Acrobat

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows and Mac
Price: $299

There is no doubt that Adobe Acrobat is a popular and functional tool in several financial management organization. This is definitely down to the fact that Adobe Acrobat is enriched with an array of useful and simple capabilities largely featured in the recent release, the Adobe Acrobat DC.

Adobe is regarded as one of the top companies to engineer the amazing PDF technology from the early 1990s which have significantly revolutionized the way financial activities are carried out in the business sector.

These operations include financial record management and security, document assembly and collaboration, multiple conversion of financial documents, archiving of financial documents, and form processing and data extraction among others.

At the cost of $14.99 a month for the professional version and $499 for the unlimited desktop version, it turns out expensive in some cases especially for small businesses whose filing of financial records is irregular. Furthermore, the several available features like making scanned texts searchable, bookmarking sections, and adding and removing of pages could be rarely used and hence suited for successful financial institutions. With many other competitors in the market, let’s explore and see how Adobe Acrobat fares with the rest of the same task software. You will thereafter make a decision as to which tool would you choose for your financial firm.

Adobe Acrobat DC Professional

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows and Mac
Price: $499

Adobe Acrobat DC Professional is an advanced financial management tool which comes with improved features compared to the aforementioned Adobe Acrobat. The name DC is an acronym for Document Cloud, meaning you can just save your file in the cloud so that you can access wherever you are at any time.

The interface is so enhanced that even the crucial financial features previously somehow hidden in labyrinth menus can now be reached via the tools panel. There is a host of useful financial features including the neat and new ones which are easier than you imagined. You can turn your convert your document into a pdf and vice versa, compare two versions of the very same pdf side by side to detect any errors, e-signing capabilities on over one billion devices, edit scanned documents via the OCR feature, and change texts and images in your pdf with ease.

Generally Adobe Acrobat DC Professional is capable of handling all core Financial PDF tasks and is compatible with various operating systems including Mac and Windows.

Although this software is a good tool for most business enterprises, the downfall lies in the price. In fact, this is the most expected among the pdf tools we have reviewed. Users have to fork out as much as $14.99 each month or just $499 for the unlimited version per use.

Tracker PDF XChange Pro

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows
Price: Single user license goes for $93.50

This windows supported only pdf editor is another good alternative for financial firms seeking a cheaper solution at the cost of spending more time handling the relevant tasks. There are generally a lot that this software can do as far as financial documents are concerned.

The major drawback is the interface. Most competitors do not go for a non-familiar office ribbon interface because it is a bit difficult to grasp and consequently making filing time a bit longer. Of course, you will have to jump from application to application while preparing your financial files. The installation is also confusing because you must install three separate tools for creating Pdfs from other programs, for generating pdfs out of images or scans, splitting and merging of pdf, and the last one for editing your pdfs.

Personally, I gave it a rating of 4/5 majorly due to the ability to perform all essential Financial PDF tasks and the fact that it costs $93.50 per usage with multi-users also getting discounts.

Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows
Price: $120

As the name suggests, this software is a great pdf option for business tasks. The most recent version was released in 2015 is a complete functional pdf editor which can handle almost all financial tasks.

The interface resembles Microsoft office style menu ribbon but in case of navigation issues, the regularly appearing help prompts for frequently used functions would be a good option. Crucial business features like redaction, and e-signing among others are all included and can be easily accessed from the menu bar. The available features do not give a rough time as they are simple to use and straightforward.

Although Adobe has gone ahead in terms of cloud integration, Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7 is also doing the same by incorporating this feature to its products. This service requires that you pay $10 each month for a fair size of online storage and sharing service.

The fact that this software can handle all relevant Financial PDF tasks and at a fair price of $129.00 improves its rating. Personally, I would not underrate this software because it is functional although not comprehensive like Adobe. I also gave this one a nice rating of 4 /5.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows
Price: $149.00

Nuance has definitely done a great job in designing a clear, simple and straightforward interface characterized by clear and simple icons and options which resembles ribbon menu structure.

It is no doubt that Nuance would have a better interface and usability than Adobe were it not for Adobe to re-design. In fact, almost all essential business features found in Adobe is available in this software.

Furthermore, we need not forget the amazing OCR technology which makes imaged scans easily editable. However, this program at times does not perform quite well with poor quality scans. Just like many other pdf editors, Nuance Power PDF Advanced can comfortably handle crucial Financial PDF tasks. Competing with Adobe, you would not expect to get this program cheap. This window compatible only pdf editor goes as high as $149.00 per user. Personally, I would give thumbs up with a rating of up to 4/5.

Nitro Pro 10

Can perform all core Financial PDF tasks: Yes
Average rating: 4/5
Operating system compatibility: Windows Only
Price: $159.99 / per user

Nitro Pro 10 is arguably the best pdf editor after Adobe. Thanks to its functionality, customer support, and ease of use. Just like a great financial pdf editor, Nitro Pro 10 does what every user would like by providing a simple, intuitive and total no-brainer user interface.

Indeed several relevant financial features are all offered including tools that help split larger pdfs into smaller segments via page number and bookmarks among others. One of the sure hits is the OCR technology which makes easy to edit scanned images by easily and quickly recognizing texts within images even better than the highly rated Acrobat. Although this software offers cloud upgrade functionality, the $20 forked out every month for this service would be too expensive and in fact is limited than the cloud service available in Adobe.

In a nutshell, Nitro Pro 10 improves customer relationship, trust and increases content efficiency by enabling the creation, storage, management, and sharing of data from a centralized repository. It is a marvelous PDF tool for financial companies.