The first appearance of PDF, or Portable Document Format, was in the early 1990s. Back then, sharing documents between two computers was a problematic experience. Thus, the world needed a file format with fixed formatting. Nowadays, PDF is one of the most popular document formats.

With PDFs, the person who receives a document will see it exactly as it is. Read further to learn about seven big benefits of the PDF format.

I. Fixed Format
A big problem of sharing documents made in Microsoft Word is the fact that the transferred document often doesn’t look the same to the person who receives it. This can make you look bad, as though like you haven’t put the proper effort in your work. Try Soda PDF to represent your information just the way it is meant to be!

II. User-Friendly
Because of the quality it provides, PDF has become the most popular file format. You can easily view and share documents with other people.

III. Compression
Unlike other formats, this one keeps the file size small. PDF can compress high-quality files seamlessly without interfering with the quality. This is a great advantage when you are working with limited storage resources.

IV. Password Protection
Business owners often handle sensitive information that must be transferred. PDF offers password protection, giving you the opportunity to keep important business documents safe.

V. Available on All Operating Systems
Because it is a widely used format, PDF works properly on all major operating systems. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac, nor it is a problem if you have an iOS or Android device.

VI. Non-Text Elements Compatibility
You can insert all types of images, links, notes or anything you desire.

VII. It Has Stood the Test of Time

Most formats disappear over the years, but PDFs are here and they will stay for good. The popularity of this format means that it will last.

What Software Creates PDF?

There’s a variety of software designed to fulfill every business’s needs concerning the PDF format.

PDF Image Printer: You can turn any Windows document into a PDF with this software. It’s suitable for individuals who wish to share files securely through encryption and password protection.

PDF Creator Plus: This software allows you to combine and edit other files and then create PDFs. It is considered as a less expensive alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Another great benefit is the fact that your team can easily markup and comment the documents provided. From there on, you can quickly read the original file and send back.

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