Any experienced board manager knows that successful board meetings don’t happen by accident. In order for board members to have a productive, insightful discussion and produce well-crafted motions that address the challenges of the day, they need to be able to come to the meeting confident that they have all the information necessary to make informed decisions. And with the list of common threats to cyber security growing every year, they also need to be able to conduct their business confident in the knowledge that confidential information stays confidential.

Good board meetings are usually the product of a lot of preliminary work behind the scenes on the part of the board manager. For board members to have a full and accurate picture of the present state of their organization, they need time to properly review the latest reports and data before the meeting begins, and they need to be able to clarify any questions or concerns they have about the data itself. Many a board meeting has gone off the rails because the information received before the meeting began was patchy or inadequate, and valuable time was spent clarifying issues that should have been sorted out before the meeting was called to order.

For this reason, the most successful board Chairs and administrators are the ones who are able to leverage all the tools available to make sure that by the time the board meeting begins, their members have had a chance to properly digest the information related to the business they will need to discuss.

This is why, of all the board governance tools on the market today, portal software — which provides a secure, accessible way for board members to access and discuss documents — is unquestionably the most valuable.

One of the most popular sources for board portal software is Aprio, a Vancouver-based company that has made a name for itself by developing one of the most intuitive board software solutions on the market. Aprio’s software allows boards to share and annotate documents, discuss data, and plan for upcoming meetings all through a single portal that can be accessed via desktop or mobile device and securely downloaded and read offline (this is especially useful for board members who are frequently on the road and don’t always have access to wireless internet).

It is this blend of service, functionality, and security that has made them a global leader in board management software and one of the most trusted board software brands available today.

If you want to make your board communication more effective and secure, or you are looking for ways to achieve more effective board governance, portal software is the one tool you need to consider adopting.

By creating more intuitive communication networks and allowing board members to easily conduct their business from anywhere in the world, portal software gives organizations that use it a strategic edge. And in a time of growing international competition and increased risk of cyber attack, portal software isn’t just an effective communications tool; it is one of the best ways to guarantee your organization’s security