Many people believe that they cannot start a business without any money. And that is true to some extent. When starting a business that provides a service or product, you do need some capital at the very beginning. If you do not have your own money, you either need to take a loan from bank or you need some strong investors who support your idea financially and backing you up every few months. Without any financial support, you might need to rethink about starting a business , as it has equal chances of failure as success.

Once the idea is just in your mind, it sounds very lucrative and promising and you think it has a lot of potential in future. But once that idea comes out of the mind and steps into the real world as a business plan or as a proposal for public, it is no longer just a product of your mind. Now, the success or failure of that idea also depends a lot on the public, their reaction to your product or service, and whether they accept it.

Sometimes the product does so well that people advertise it themselves. Word of mouth is the strongest piece of advertising in the world. Even the biggest of advertising agencies cannot deny that. And sometimes, despite spending millions on an advertisement, a product flunks badly that the company has to discontinue its operations entirely. Such is the power of people.

Starting a business with no money might seem a stupid thing to many, but there are also many examples of business you can start without any money:

Selling Domain Names

All you need here is a little money and creativity. A college student will probably suffice, provided you are creative enough to come up with unique and interesting domain names.You can buy a domain name for as low as $10 and then sell it someone in need for as much as possible.              There have been many stories , proving that brands go to any lengths to own the domain name of their own brand.

Now, however, it might be tough to find a domain name of a brand that someone does not already own, but you can always come up with interesting and creative names that can fetch you good prices in the end. It’s practically free business, as whatever you will be spending will come bouncing back to you hardly in a couple of months.

Sell your Talents

You should know that there is a kind of business to start with no money, and selling your talents is a vivid example. You can sell services like – research proposal writing service, website creating service, essay-writing service and anything that you are good at.

Once it works, you can start an agency or continue freelancing to boost your finances. You can always start selling parallel services that you’re good at as well.


Marketing is one field in which you can make a lot of money. There are many guides online on how to start a business with no money, and marketing tops the charts in every single one of them. You can market and advertise other brands, businesses of other people, for small fee.

Many big brands are willing to even pay higher for professionals in this field. People who own popular Instagram channels and Facebook pages earn thousands of dollars every month just by posting about brands that sponsor and pay them.

Instagram is a popular medium for many fashion brands to hunt for celebrities’ faces, and channels with high amount of followers.


You can have a blog where you post content, pictures, text. If that blog becomes popular, it can make you a lot of money in no time at all! Big brands and businesses kill to market themselves in places where there is a lot of visibility and large crowds.  Once you are established, you can set a price, and enjoy the rest of your life!

There is also one case of a man who started something called “a million-dollar homepage”. A home-page where he sold space per pixels, and companies literally died to buy some space on that home-page, which looked nothing but cluttered and overcrowded version of pop-up ads. It did not look appealing, but it did make him rich!

It is not difficult to understand how to start a small business with no money. It might be tough to do that, but it is not impossible. All you need to know is the market trend, and what drives people crazy.

Once you understand what is in fashion right now, and once you start working in that direction, there is no stopping you. You can make your business reach any heights you can imagine – but, all this is only possible with the right planning and timely decisions. You should be robust and smart enough to take quick decisions that help you create a business, that lasts for a long time.

Author Bio: Sandra Hayward is currently working as a writer for EduBirdie helping numerous students create their essays for the different disciplines. She copes with the most difficult tasks and is eager to face toughest challenges. This woman is ready to help everyone who seeks her assistance.