What comes to your mind when you hear of event ticket booking software?

Development in the field of technology has made things easier for everyone and embracing these changes has become the best option for all of us. Event ticket booking software is evidence of how technology has made it easier for businesses to target their clients.

Event ticket booking software does exactly as the name suggests. This software facilitates booking event tickets with the help of the Internet. Although it may seem simple, it has the multiple features available that can be challenging to master for the user. Event ticket booking software, with booking live, can positively affect your business, simply because it can boost your sales tremendously.

Event ticket booking software with booking live saves time for both you and your customer. Clients can check and update their details by just logging in online. They can also withdraw their bookings through the Internet. These features reduce costs, as clients don’t have to call within certain time frames because they can easily cancel their bookings via the Internet whenever and wherever they are.

Event ticket booking software also has an integrated feature that allows businesses to contact customers about their booked events; done through SMS and email, this feature is also very useful since there can be last-minute cancellation or changes in venue sometimes. The software allows users to set pre-set reminders to update their clients if the event is taking place soon. Communication is very important in marketing campaigns, as it helps business owners disseminate information about upcoming events.

Why Us?

There is no doubt that we are the best firm in this regard and the services we offer completely match the demand of our customers. Considering the fact that we are dealing with different types of customers with different tastes and preference, our firm has made event booking live an easy choice by making booking live commission-free with no long-term contracts. All this is simply because our flexible plans are scalable to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Our servers have SSL-encryption with excellent data uptime and file storage to give your business the scalability it needs, backed up with fantastic AWS support by silver stripe.

With over 300 configuration settings, we are proud to say that our software is extremely flexible, and you can easily make any changes you need on your own or with the help of our excellent support.

We also include remote or onsite training with every quotation, courtesy of your dedicated account manager, and every price plan has access to unlimited 24/7 support.

Irrespective of the size of your business, helping you increase your profit is our biggest concern. Therefore, our online booking system of booking live has come up with EPOS hardware so you can retail items on the Web before and after an event. These products can range from mugs to shirts, posters and any souvenir items that may be a hit among event goers. The great thing is that you can use the hardware to collect the payments for both tickets and stock.

We are sure you had no idea about these features before; our software gives you a complete e-commerce solution, and you can now encompass all income generating opportunities.

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