Many of us become disillusioned with our career path at one point or another. That, or we have yet to choose our path. If either of these cases sounds like you, then a forex trading career may be the ideal next step. The forex market is the world’s largest, and by far the most lucrative. In just a few simple steps, starting with choosing the right forex trading broker, you can be on the road to a rewarding new career in trading.

How to Start a Forex Trading Career

Starting your journey into the world of forex trading begins with choosing a forex broker. This broker will facilitate your trades, and many of the best brokers such as will also form the bedrock of your forex education. This is thanks to the extensive educational resources which they provide, helping you to invest in your forex trading future.

Once you have gotten to grips with the basics, and selected from the available trading platform, you are ready to hit the open market. Many starting out in online forex trading will elect to begin with a demo account. This is a feature offered by all major online trading brokers, and it will ultimately help you to gain further knowledge and simulate trading scenarios as close as possible to the real thing, without the financial risk.

When you are ready, a real forex trading account is just a few clicks away. Open an account, deposit your chosen amount, and your career in forex has begun. It could not be simpler, and a pathway of opportunity awaits.

Why Choose Forex Trading?

Trading in the most active market in the world, which the forex market is, breeds opportunity and excitement. Beyond this, the genuine opportunities to achieve financial success if the correct decisions are made, is staggering.

You need not look very far to see the types of success and wealth which currency trading can create. George Soros is a household name and still one of the world’s richest men, even after his $18 billion philanthropic donation a year ago. Soros made his money is forex trading, rising to fame in 1992 with his now infamous $10 billion short of the British Pound.

There are plenty of other success stories in the industry, such as Andrew Krieger who banked hundreds of millions in profit from his short selling of the New Zealand Dollar in 1987. He benefitted from a feature which is central to the forex market and which you too can avail of in your online trading accounts. Leverage.

Typically, when trading forex online, many brokers will offer a leverage of 30:1 on major currency pairs. This affords you many similar opportunities to those of the most famous successful traders. This, if used correctly, can position you very strongly in a very short amount of time, such as would be almost impossible following a traditional career path.

The decision to begin a career as a forex trader is not one which should be taken lightly. There is still a lot of hard work and effort involved, especially in terms of growing your knowledge, however, if you are looking for an exciting and fast paced career or change of path, opening an account with a forex broker and making your first trades may be a significant benchmark in the development of your career.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading Forex

Naturally, we like to remain optimistic and focus only on the positive points related to a career in forex trading. It is important to remain aware though that everything has two sides. Forex trading is no different.

The potential when trading forex is virtually unlimited.

The best trading websites will provide in-depth educational resources to ensure you are adequately prepared for trading.

Forex platforms such as Metatrader 4 feature extensive professional tools to help you analyze and trade with ease.

Much of the trading with top brokers is commission free with tight spreads in every market.
A career in forex offers a degree of flexibility which in unattainable with a traditional career.


Potential losses can be severe if you over-extend leverage and trade without adequate due diligence.
Trading environments can be fast-paced and stressful.
Psychological strength and patience is required to withstand losing trades which will happen on occasion.


A forex career is something which can bring unrivalled potential and fulfillment to many. This is true in both a financial and respect sense. It can provide the excitement and reward which you may be missing in a traditional career. That said, forex trading is not for the faint of heart, however, in many cases as we have shown, the brave choice to enter the forex trading market can pay off handsomely.