The need for high-quality software-development processes has never been greater, regardless of which industry your business operates in. As companies, their clients and consumers in general continue to move toward cloud computing, it’s never been more important to fill your employee roster with talented developers.

However, in today’s competitive market, finding and retaining the right developers can be a tough task. This competition has led many businesses to source their developers from off-site vendors. While outsourcing does raise some valid concerns for business owners, there are many benefits to be gleaned from sending software-development tasks to outsourced individuals.

Maintaining Quality

Many business owners are hesitant to begin outsourcing; stories of costly miscommunications and expensive reworks make many feel it’s impossible to maintain the quality of development available with in-house processes. However, recent software innovations have made it simple for companies to track the progress of their projects in real-time.

ALM software allows companies to utilize bug-tracking features, instantaneous updates, and employee tracking options that give any project the collaborative nature it needs to remain on track. With this type of technology, individuals can immediately spot mistakes, which will prevent expensive reworks down the line.

An Expanded Pool of Candidates

If you’re looking for a high-quality developer, it’s important to expand your pool of candidates. Outsourcing allows for this expansion on an entirely new level. A simple search online can open the door to thousands of skilled developers waiting to get started.

Using a site like can help provide you with access to a huge cache of development outsourcing services. Whether you’re looking for developers to help you with a new app (and it requires more coding work than a free app creator like can provide) or you need someone that can help make your Website interactive, you’ll find top talent freelancers at competitive pricing.

You’ll Pay More for In-House Employees

While in-house developer salaries can vary based on location, project, experience, and company size, along with a host of other factors, businesses generally find they’ll pay much more for an in-house employee than they would for an outsourced individual. Outsourcing across the sea means paying a fraction of what you’d expect to here in the States.

There’s more to employee cost than salary; hiring an in-house developer means incurring a variety of required costs. You’ll pay recruiting costs due to job listings, time used in the interview process, and paying for developer task tests in order to prove a candidate’s proficiency. You’ll also be saddled with employment taxes, including money allotted to Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment. Most employers must offer high-quality employee benefits to attract talented candidates. With an in-house employee, you’ll also be tasked with providing the workspace and equipment needed to get the job done, where outsourced employees are generally expected to have their own supplies.

No Commitment, No Problem

Hiring a full-time in-house developer means committing to providing enough projects to keep said individual busy year round. If you’re hoping to complete just a single development task or project, you likely don’t want to be saddled with an employee that facilitates the need for continued work. If you’ve only got one development project timeline on the docket for the foreseeable future, it’s much more cost effective and flexible to hire an outsourced worker. Outsourcing allows a measure of freedom—hire the same developer for the next project or choose to part ways and find another quality candidate.

Regardless of your development need, outsourcing can prove to be a cost effective and lucrative aspect of your business production and output. Even companies on a tight budget can find a quality developer. Find a talented individual on the global level, and achieve your business dreams with an outsourced development team.

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