Before the introduction of GPS tracking systems to the public, vehicle owners relied on alarms and steering wheel locks to keep their cars safe. The statistics regarding auto theft indicate that these old-fashioned solutions aren’t as effective against experienced criminals anymore. As cars become more advanced and connected, the possibility of your car getting stolen will increase. In fact, in 2017 thieves have started using relay boxes for stealing keyless cars. Relay boxes can receive and transmit signals through the doors and windows to receive a signal from the actual key inside the property and sends the signal to the car to unlock it. Technology has advanced in the last few years, but for the crime tools as well.

But there are precautions you can take to prevent car theft. Installing a hidden GPS tracker in your car is one of them, and it’s a boon for people living in urban areas. GPS based vehicle tracking devices offer a number of powerful tools that can alleviate your worries. You can sleep without having to worry about the safety of your car. Some people may think “Why would I need to track my vehicle? I am either driving it, or it’s parked nearby”. Well, statistics show that most cars are stolen from the owner’s driveway or company parking lots.

Let’s have a brief look at the benefits of vehicle tracking devices in general.

Allows you to figure out the precise location of your vehicle on demand and helps you keep tabs on your loved ones to ensure their safety on the traffic.

Displays maintenance reports for providing information on engine issues before they become a problem down the road.

By actively tracking a vehicle, you can predict accidents and prevent them from happening.
Notifies you instantly in case your vehicle starts moving, stays idle for too long or passes the speed limit.
By creating geo-fence zones around your house and workplace to receive instant alerts and notifications if the car leaves the zone without your consent.

Theft is the worst nightmare for all car owners. After your house, a car is the second biggest investment for a household and losing it not only is a huge blow to your economy, you also lose the luxury and convenience of driving your car. No matter where you live, car theft is a serious issue, and there is a very high chance it could happen to all of us. So what will you do when someone steals your car? This is where the tracking device on your car comes in handy. You can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle by using a smartphone within seconds. Once you have located the car, you can contact the law enforcement agencies and recover your vehicle. The capability to recover a stolen car so quickly and so easily makes car tracking solutions a great investment and one of the best security systems out there.

Having the real-time location of your vehicle at hand makes it much easier for the police to retrieve it.
All these great tools improve the safety of your vehicle, but some people may ask if you have to be tech-savvy to manage all that? Not at all, once the tracker is installed in the car all you have to do is track your car using the vehicle tracking APP that allows you to monitor your car in real-time. Smartphone APPs are designed to be user-friendly, you can easily swipe between different features or locate your vehicle quickly on the user-friendly interface.

A tracking device can provide some peace of mind and mitigate your concerns about car theft. Battery powered vehicle trackers can last days without needing a recharge while hardwired GPS trackers are powered by the vehicle and can be used indefinitely. Modern-day thieves are sophisticated and they are are constantly looking for different ways to get into cars. You can have all the security measures in place from expensive alarms to high-quality locks, but only a vehicle tracking device can guarantee the safe return of your car.