When the time comes to write or update your old resume and to depart on voyage of looking for a better workplace, you may feel that you are most suitable for writing your own resume. But pause now and give it a second thought.

  • Do you know what resume formats are used today?
  • Do you know that emailed resumes are usually put through applicant-tracking software that automatically detects required keywords and discards resumes that do not fit in?
  • Do you know a whole lot of other things about modern resume writing?

If yes, take our congratulations. If no, you may well need help with resume from a trusted expert in the field.

Picking a good company to entrust with this delicate and important task of resume writing is not an easy endeavor. Assuming that you seek professional resume writing services help and not assistance from your neighbor who worked in HR a couple years ago, you have several points to consider. You have to sieve through dozens of websites and decide what are scams and what are trustworthy. You have to determine if their writers will create a customized resume or take the firsts best sample and fill it with your details. You have to keep in mind many details, and here you can find a guide and a list helping you in this task.

Credentials of writers who provide resume help online

Enquire from the support (yes, support team should be in place) if their writers have certification, accomplished courses and workshops in the recent past and are learned in modern resume templates.

Definitely, CARW or CERW level of certification (meaning advanced and expert resume writers) is a plus for writers. But even taking a crash course recently that clarifies new requirements to resume writing may mean a lot. E.g. recently header of a resume was changed (from statement of applicant’s objective to executive summary) and it completely overhauls the resume slant that existed previously.

Information that writers have updated their skills recently means that they know what’s going on (new rules, keywords, marketing approach) and will apply this knowledge to your resume. Ask for certificates, statements of accomplishments or other proofs of this update.

Turnaround time and cost

Maybe the key determinant of reliability of a company. Turnaround time should not be 24 hours or even less – it should be longer, since it will take a bit of work.

Short deadline means that the writing mill is at work and writers slap together multiple resumes just in one day. You definitely will not delay resume writing until the deadline of resume submission, so there is no physical need for such emergency. Such assembly-line resumes are not what you are looking for since they are all alike, maybe even produced with help of free online CV builders. You can use such a builder and come up with a resume equally well – and free of charge. By the way, the price.

Too low a price means that either these resume writing services are a mill, or that your CV will be outsourced abroad and written by a person whose first language is not English.


Browse their site and testimonials websites looking for people who used their services. Their site will definitely host positive feedback (most probably custom written for money). But other sources may well point the strong and weak sides of this professional resume service, and so you will be able to learn more about the core of their work.

Examples of work. Absolute must-have

If a company is a reliable one and has plenty of completed projects on its record, it will be proud to put them on show. Or it will mail them to you at your request. Look at them closely. Are they diversified, engaging and create an image of a competent worker any company will be happy to recruit? Well now, you have come to a right place then. If they are very much alike and look like molds, then opt for some other company.

Ways to gain information about you

The company should include an interview with a writer into working process.

Emails or fill-in forms are another alert that this is a very mediocre online resume service. So if a company states that there will be an interview (Skype or a phone one, or maybe instant chat option) then it is a clue that the resume you will get will be really customized and tailored to show off your strong points, not of some averaged character.


Are they written in a subsection of the website or you have to nag the support to get a clue about guarantees they give? The guarantees should be about accuracy of information and technical details, not about providing you with the job of your life. Only you can get a job, a resume is only a tool, even the best one.

Verification from a third party agency

Getting approval of a business means that a company is real and its services make sense. BBB accreditation and seal are one of good ways to indicate that a company is a serious player on the market. So if a company has a high rating assigned by this agency, then again we can congratulate you on finding a professional resume service.

Basically, it is all that you have to consider while browsing the web and searching for a solution for your problem. You select an important service that can determine your future career path, so be attentive, persistent and you will find them – good resume help online and a job you look for.

Author BIO:

Arlene Kaddy is an experienced writer and an editor at Devmyresume.com resume service. She writes articles for online publications and blogs in free time. If you need an advice about proper resume writing and cv editing, you can contact Arlene or ask for private consultation.