Going green is on trend right now. More than ever before, people are saying no thanks to single-use plastics in their day-to-day life, instead carting around metal straws or simply using mason jars for just about everything.

However, when it comes to moving apartments, it can be tricky to maintain that no-trash lifestyle. Even if you find your removals company via the comparison page of eco-conscious buzzmove (who plant trees to offset their carbon emissions), packing typically involves trash. Think, bubble wrap, packing tape, polystyrene peanuts and boxes, boxes, boxes.
But there’s no need to throw everything away immediately. Instead, get crafty with your left over moving supplies!

Let the kids go wild and make a play fort

If you have kids, the obvious way to repurpose and reuse those now-empty cardboard boxes comes in the form of extravagant play forts! Not only will they have fun and use their imaginations, they’ll also stay out of your hair while you finish up the unpacking in your new house.
Alternatively, if you don’t have kids but you do have cats, make a fort anyway. What animal loves boxes more than cats do?!

Turn it into a comfy cat bed with some old blankets and pillows

Speaking of everyone’s favourite fur babies—cats—you can use old boxes as makeshift beds too. Simply line them with some old bedding and maybe a toy or two, et voila! Now maybe your kitty will stop sitting on your face/laptop/food and head to their box-bed instead.

Decorate them with leftover wrapping paper

If you’d rather use your leftover supplies for something more long-lasting, then wrap them in leftover scraps of wrapping paper and make cool storage boxes. You can then keep your closet looking organised and feel good for not making more trash in one fell swoop.

Make a cute garland for your new house

Old boxes needn’t be kept as boxes though. Instead you can cut them apart and get truly crafty with the cardboard. One of the best ways to repurpose your old cardboard boxes (and the craft supplies that you probably have lying around too) is to make a cute garland for your new place. For anyone keen to make bunting from boxes, here’s a super easy tutorial.

Turn your hand to sculpting instead

If you’re not sold on the idea of cutesy bunting, or just fancy making something else with your boxes as well, how about a cardboard deer head? This tutorial gives you all the details you need to create a pretty impressive looking sculpture (complete with antlers!) all from the scrap cardboard you have lying around after a move. And it’s ridiculously easy too!

Geometric wall art

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of faux animal heads, then you can always jazz up your bare walls with some super simple, but super eye-catching geometric wall art. For this craft, all you need to do is cut out a ton of cardboard shapes (think: diamonds, squares or triangles), decorate them to match your colour scheme, and pop them on the wall in any design you fancy. (Or you can check out this tutorial for some inspiration!)

Wrap hangers in bubble wrap

Leftover moving supplies don’t begin and end with cardboard boxes though. You may well have tons of bubble wrap scrap left once you’ve done unpacking. Besides popping it all immediately, you can also use it keep your clothes wrinkle free. Yes, really! Simply wrap it around your hangers and wave goodbye to those annoying ‘fold’ lines.

Make string art

If you went old-school with your packing and also used string or thread to help fasten together some of your items or boxes, you can turn that into some fun string art. And the best part? You can also use up old nails and random scraps of wood too! Once you’ve picked your design, transfer it to the wood using nails. Then, go to town with the string. Better yet, watch this tutorial for more info.

Get artsy with your packing tape

For those who used tape instead of string as their packing product of choice, you can also make ‘paintings’ with your leftover supplies. Max Zorn is an artist who does just this, and by layering the tape strategically, you can create some awesome effects. It might take a while for you to be making full-sized portraits but practice makes perfect, right?


And when getting crafty just isn’t enough, get charitable. Use your old boxes to pack food boxes for local homeless shelters. Or, donate them to animal hospitals instead. Just remember that there’s no excuse to throw away your precious packing materials even once you’ve done using them to move house!