Companies can go green by doing more than conserving electric energy and encouraging employees to carpool, they can also change the chemical materials that they use. If you are part of a company that requires chemical solutions for your products or processes, you should consider green chemical alternatives for the sake of safety and sustainability.

The purpose of sustainable chemistry or green chemistry is to create and promote chemical solutions that are less hazardous to the environment, or not harmful at all. Other principles of this field include making products safer,designing energy-efficient materials and using renewable resources. Most of the materials developed through green chemistry are meant to be substitutes and alternatives to options that already exist in the field.Some examples of the alternatives that are currently accessible to companies are biodegradable products, ethylate replacements and vegetable-based raw materials.

If companies are searching for these sustainable solutions, they can acquire them from an innovative supplier like CCC Chemicals. This chemical supplier is one of the largest independent distributors in the country of Canada, and on a grander scale, is the tenth largest in all of North America. They provide solutions for a variety of industries, including paint and coatings, water treatment, water remediation, construction, mining and energy. Any company within one of those markets or within a related industry should check out the latest green chemical solutions that this supplier carries — this way they can see if the supplier has suitable alternatives or flat-out improvements to products that are currently being used. Their vast portfolio is filled with solutions that are biodegradable, made from renewable materials and listed on the resource CleanGredients, which was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s program called Safer Choice Label.

One of the green chemical innovations that the supplier carries is sodium bisulfate (SBS) provided by the producer Jones-Hamilton Co. This particular product can act as an effective alternative to other chemicals like sulfamic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid. It is categorized as sustainable because it is non-fuming, non-flammable, stable, odorless, phosphate-free and is not considered a hazardous substance by the Department of Transportation or the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory. Sodium bisulfate is also non-toxic and biodegradable, which means it is a safe option for the workplace, for consumers and for the environment. This solution is ideal for those in the water treatment industry since it can be used as a de-chlorinator for wastewater and a de-scaler in boilers, cooling towers and water lines. Other industries would appreciate sodium bisulfate’s ability to help with metal finishing, cleaning compounds and concrete washout.

Selecting green chemical solutions over products used in the past can bring manypractical benefits to a company — they can create a safer work environment, promote risk reduction, encourage sustainability and help the company build a positive reputation in their field. The best part about turning to these types of chemical products is that they are easily accessible, especially if you know which chemical supplier to turn to first.