The Bob Adams Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts

What Can You Do Today to Dramatically Improve Your Business?

If you were 100 percent sure of what added thing would improve your business most you probably would have done it yesterday. Often when you are running a business, you just don’t know which part of your business is going to benefit most from extra effort, or what extra things you can do that would be most likely to drive your business ahead. Or which strings you can pull that could possibly triple sales or double profit margins. Where can you find the outliers?

Although Everybody’s Business Is Different, Chances Are Overwhelming That You Can Hugely Benefit by Rigorously Following One or More of My Most Important Ideas

Although every business situation is unique, I have found that no matter what business you are in, certain general concepts tend to apply. I have identified ten areas of focus, which, if done well, can have incredibly outsized leverage in driving your business ahead.

I call these The Bob Adams Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts.

There is nothing secret, or for that matter, particularly surprising about these concepts. Businesspeople are pretty much aware of these areas. But I believe that businesses both large and small do not give enough effort to these unbelievably important factors.

These are the areas that you want to not just think about, but think deeply about. These are the areas that you don’t want to just make a quick decision on and let it go. These are the areas where you want to rethink and second-guess your decisions. These are the areas that you want to get feedback from other people on, no matter how much business experience you have.

So if you are really serious about moving your business to the next level, I suggest you make time to dig into my Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts. Taken together, they cover a lot of ground. I would not suggest that you try to tackle all 10 concepts at once, or even several at a time. I suggest that you give a lot of thought to just one concept at a time.

Deciding Which Area to Focus on Is Wicked Important!

Of course, which concept you choose to focus on could make a big difference. So give your first choice some thought.

After you decide which concept to focus on, think about it broadly and deeply. Does it apply pretty well as given to your business? Or should my specific suggestions be substantially modified for your situation? Should you do more research and find more ideas in this area before you start making changes? Maybe the concept that you planned on focusing on instead becomes a taking-off point that gets discussion going and leads you and your management team to focus on still another area of your business that needs more attention.

Overall, that’s one of the huge benefits of thinking about The Bob Adams Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts—it can help spur you and your team to do that deep thinking about basic aspects of your business that perhaps you didn’t go into deep enough before.

Takeaways You Can Use

  • You can almost certainly take your existing business to a much higher level of success.
  • The Bob Adams Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts apply to virtually all business situations.
  • You’re better off carefully choosing once concept and executing it extremely well.

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