In-flight advertising offers many exciting advertising options. These options range from skyline panels, visible throughout the length of the flight, to meal tray cards placed on each meal tray.


Inflight advertising is unique Nessie the passenger can decide what ads they want to view and which ones they want to skip. Atin OOH, an in-flight ad agency,  points out services such as those of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. This project comprises of click banners through which passengers go can access microsites within the flight entertainment.

There is also the beverage cup. A beverage cup is one of the most direct forms of Advertising because You have the opportunity To create a complete 360 degree ad. A beverage cup is an obvious eye-grabber and holds a lot of potential as an in-flight ad space.


Another interesting space for ad display is the body of the plane. An aircraft body is a blank space. It is large, moving, and highly visible. A lot many air services have carefully designed liveries for their aircraft. For instance, Western Pacific had many liveries displaying ads for casinos and TV cartoons.

Similarly, Southwest Airlines has more than 20 special livery aircrafts. Although many services such as British Airways have livery for external display, none have placed their ads in the craft’s internal space.

An Aura

The interior space of the plane is useful for airline advertising. In 2008, Spirit Airlines and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism decided to design cabin interiors in the form of a tropical scene that included blue skies, sandy beaches, and beautifully coloured waters. AtinOOH points out that these ads work, since they had a visually tranquil effect, which became popular with people.

This ad-design was a first of its kind and it turns people love advertisements that carry their message that merge with the spaces that carry them rather than ones that stand out in the spaces that carry them.


Besides the physical spaces of the aircraft, the crew on board can be a part of the advertisement. For instance, airlines are known to invite chefs to join a flight. Here they get to introduce new menus of food businesses to the flyers.

Air France is known to tour with a food truck, distributing samples of their flight food brands to people. Similarly, there is the Bon Appetit ad campaign Air France runs that promotes services such as Deliveroo

Another way to engage customers with your ads is to add specific radio announcements and in-flight games. These games and announcements are interactive and so they stay with the flyers for up to 5 – 10 minutes mid-flight.

Customer engagement remains a fundamental in the case of in-flight advertising, making advertising and branding in airline spaces an exciting option for enterprisesthat understand the dynamics of this option. With a high flying, economically stable target audience in hand, brands can look forward to utilising more and more innovative trends at in-flight advertising of their products.