What is the Chamber of Commerce, and what exactly does it do? My name is David Brown, and I’m the Vice President of innovation leadership for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and today we’re to discuss exactly those two questions.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

We help businesses grow by fundamentally focusing on the ways that they can network and connect with other individuals within our ecosystem, as well as ways they can continue to grow their employees. For example, we host over 100 events a year where leading companies can come together, learn about important topics, and have conversations with the Mayor and the Governor and other major figures, both business and governmental entities. We then really provide opportunities for networking and getting to know each other. In that way they can accelerate their business.

Growing Business Communities and Developing Networks

We provide businesses with opportunities to take their top and emerging leaders and expose them to world-class education. This gives them the fundamental tools and development opportunities to become better and stronger leaders and to continue to grow their organizations.

A Fertile Innovation Ecosystem in Boston

What really excites me about the Chamber today is that here in Greater Boston we have developed an unbelievable ecosystem of top leaders and credible institutions. However, as our ecosystem has continued to emerge and embrace the innovation ecosystem, whether it’s in technology, clean tech, healthcare, or digital health, we are fundamentally poised to see explosive growth in the greater Boston community. It’s going to be the interplay of those new emerging enterprises and technologies, alongside the amazing companies we already have, that will make Boston without fail the most interesting ecosystem for startups for growth in the coming years.

How You Can Connect

If you’re interested in connecting with the Greater Boston Chamber, please feel free to send us a note through our website at Bostonchamber.com and someone from our team will make sure to follow up with you. You can get involved with one of our upcoming programs events, or to talk to you specifically about how we can be helpful to you and your company going forward.