How do you create a killer video strategy today? Media marketing is very important nowadays to people, as everyone wants to see the individual and the brand represented on video.

View it, See it, Feel it

A lot of people have short attention spans. They don’t want to read all the content; they want to view it, see it, and feel it. Video gives you the opportunity to do so. It’s all about creating a campaign based on the type of work you or your organization does. That campaign should inspire your brand and what you do.


A strategy that people use nowadays is livestreaming. Livestreaming has really gone viral because you’re creating a one-to-one interaction with people.


Another strategy people use using keywords to capture the viewer’s attention. If you’re making a 5 minute video, you want to use the keywords that will allow the listener or viewer of this video to stay through it for the whole 5 minutes.Also use a strong ending phrase to summarize everything you’ve just talked about.

Multi-camera Usage

As you’re producing this content, multi-camera usage is huge. Switching cameras back and forth allows the viewer to tune in longer to the content; it’s a psychological indication that something new and valuable is going to happen.

In a nutshell, you have to understand your campaign. Use different live streaming to build more trust and gain more engagement. Multi-camera usage is important to keep people tuned into the content that you’re providing. Finally, using different keywords throughout can keep the listener more focused on your content. That’s how you’re going to create more engagement.