How do you target your first customers? I’m Mimi Evans and I’m going to be telling you what I believe to be the four best way to target your first business customers.

Start With People in Your Network

Number one, the best way to do it is to start with people who know and trust you. Business runs at the speed of trust, so the people in your network the people who you know will be that low hanging fruit. So you should definitely go after all the people in the companies that will buy or use your product first.

Go After the Money

Number two, go after people and companies who have money. It’s kind of like the old saying: why did the robber rob the bank? Because that’s where the money is. So when you’re looking to figure out who your target is, go for the money.

Find Who Needs You the Most

Number three, focus on target that having urgent need for your product or service. One of the biggest challenges in business is that people like what you have, they may want what you have, but only a fraction of those people will buy what you have. The people will buy it, the first and most and keep buying it, are people that have that urgent need. So need for urgency is definitely going to help you increase your sales.

Land a Big Brand Name

Number four, and this is the most difficult one, you want to try to go after what I call a wow factor. So that is a company or a person that you’re targeting that has a big brand name. And the reason is because that will then resonate, that will increase the trust of other people. Many founders and cofounders and companies go after the smaller guys because they’re afraid. But the reality is that you should go after the big brand names because that will attract more people in the follow-on customer set. So those are the four top ways to try to figure out how to target your very first customers.