You have a great business idea, and you’re talking to your first banker, who says, “everything looks good, but we need to have a look at your insurance program first.” What insurance program? Hi I’m Jeff Gordon from Gordon Atlantic Insurance.

Business Insurance Basics

What are the basics of an insurance program for a new or small business?

Property and Liability Package: What Does It Cover?

The first part is what’s called a “property and liability” package. Let’s unbundle this: property is your “stuff” for lack of a better word. You may own a building, you may own contents, stock, inventory, and furniture. That’s one piece.

The other is liability. Suppose someone comes into your business and slips as soon as they walk in the door. They sue you for their pain and suffering as well as for any medical bills. Liability is part of the core of any business insurance package.

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What Does It Not Cover, and How Can I Get The Coverage I Need?

These typical insurance packages don’t do everything, so there are some other things that do the rest.

Auto Coverage: Even If Your Company Doesn’t Own Any Cars

For example, what about automobile liability? You might say “well, we don’t own any cars,” but perhaps your employees use their own cars to drive around on company business. And so you need to talk about auto insurance.

Worker’s Compensation: Mandated By The State

Another is worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation is actually a statutory type of insurance. What that means is that the state tells you what kind of insurance you’re going to have. They have the regulations and all the rules are set by the state for worker’s compensation.

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