How to Build an Audience on a Limited Budget

You’ve created a great product and your audience is responding to it. But how do you get more and more people to know about your product or service? Hi, I’m Shanel Lindsay, president of Ardent. We created a decarbolxylation device that activates cannabis material so that people can make any cannabis product for a fraction of the price they pay elsewhere. So you can imagine that people were really excited when we were introducing this product to our audience. However, we knew that we could only do so much marketing as a company, especially because we were very small and trying to raise money while also trying to move into doing full production mode.

Partner with People with Similar Audiences

So one of the main ways that we started to grow our audience was bringing on affiliates and partners. What’s an affiliate? An affiliate is a person who already has an audience that would love to hear about your product. So for our product, the natural affiliates were people that had cannabis audiences that were interested in cannabis cooking or cannabis healthcare. Partnering with those folks and giving them units to review and coming to arrangements with them about promoting our product really allowed us to grow that audience without any additional output from our team.

So bringing on those kind of affiliates, identifying people that have similar but non-competing audiences to you, going and making relationships with those people, and coming to different agreements about how you can promote each other’s products will give you access to that broader audience that you’re looking for.