So you claimed
your business, you did the citations submission, what do you do next? My name is Daniel Zayets-Volshin, and today we’re going to talk about posting. When a local business is directly connected to Google+, and even though there’s much speculation about the future of Google+, it is still the fundamental engine that powers that particular listing. You need to post content, that tells Google that the account is actually active.

Posting Content on Google+

So if you post content on Google+, that helps to build the content base, it helps to build the keywords, and helps to establish your relevancy towards the keywords that you’re trying to optimize for. By posting relevant content and local specific content, you help narrow down your business in connection with the search queries that you would be interested to have your customers perform. It is important to use hashtags in your posts. Those hashtags help to determine the relevancy of the content to the specific search intent. It is also absolutely vital to use the images and the power slogans that go right on those images. If you can imagine the snippet board, with a bunch of snippets on it. Those that will be clicked and those are going to capture peoples’ attention. The content that you post has to be aligned with the search query that you would be interested for your customers to perform.