What is the
major formula behind a successful posting? My name is Daniel Zayets-Volshin, and today we’re going to talk about engagement. Engagement is everywhere – it’s in your communication on the subway, it’s in your family, and it’s also in Google search results. How do you structure your content and how do you intend to target other consumers or visitors of your content? You have to come from a space where the content has to be valuable, and that you would be providing value to somebody else, or nobody would want to engage with you. Today, engagement is one of the most important factors not just in local but for search engine optimization in general. Google counts the amount of time that people engage with the content and determines the content’s relevancy. Therefore, if you post junk, sooner or later the search engine will know that.

Post Relevant, Readable Content

If nobody reads your content, if nobody visits your page, Google will know that as well. Therefore, it’s very important to produce engaging content, and think about what people really want to read. It is also very important to produce the visual information that would engage people to click on the content the power slogan that will be provocative or engaging. If you can imagine a bunch of snippets among the Google plus search thread, which ones are going to be the ones to be clicked? Well the answer is the one that’s going to get the most attention. Choose the images that will make people click on them, and provide the power slogans that will go right on them that would help the subjective. Once people click on the posting, if the content is decent, people might respond to it. But don’t just sit and wait for people to come and visit your page, go out yourself, engage with other users, post on their content, plus one comment. People are kind, and attempt to reciprocate if people do good. Therefore if somebody sees you come to the page and respond to their content, they will be more likely to go and visit your page, and post plus one, and engage with your content.

Incorporate Your Google+ Account

When you make your Google plus account, it’s very important to make sure that you provide as many of the relevant photos. Provide the photos of the interior, exterior, when you seem at work, as well as some additional photos you can find. Hire a Google-certified photographer to provide a video tour or those things to help the local markets as well the views. And YouTube content would also tend to help your website. Even though YouTube is longer officially associated with Google Plus, having an active YouTube account should be of help as well. Anything that can engage the consumer or potential customer will greatly benefit your business. There’s a number of tools available online today to research the keywords that you will be able to use to structure your content around. Use them. These tools will help you to understand what the consumer is searching for and help you to structure content, engaging content, around them. Some people talk about the future of Google plus, some people say it’s dead, but what’s interesting to notice is that local is not going to go anywhere. Therefore, to some extent, some kind of engagement still going to be a presence of it. Whether it’s going to be called Google plus or something else, it still would continue to exist. Therefore, we have to acknowledge that and we have to engage with it. The engagement is not the only important part for your Google plus account, but also an important part for your website as well. Use Google analytics or tools like Crazy Egg to determine where people spend time and how they engage with content you produce. Having a video on your site, for example, can greatly enhance the amount of time that people will spend on your site. Therefore, produce the videos to capture that audience and let them spend more time on your site. If you use the analytics tools effectively, you can determine exactly how do people engage with the content and what content will be valuable.