What is the
second most important factor in local web ranking? My name is Daniel Zayets-Volshin and today we’re going to talk about local reviews.

Local Reviews Add Value

Local reviews are the second most important factor of publication. They are the elements that tell Google that you are actually a legitimate business and that the community recognizes you. Please don’t fake them. Sooner or later Google will find out, and there will be effects. In 2015 Google acknowledged that it uses artificial intelligence as part of it’s search algorithm. So most likely we’re going through a process of machine learning, and at some point AI will become part of the algorithms filtering element.

Authentic Reviews are Essential

It’s going to be absolutely vital to make sure that information is completely authentic, because faking that information might result in a devastating effect for local business ranking. Over the past few years, a number of services appeared that allow businesses to contact the customers and ask them for their view, or at least the experience that they had with the business. Those sources usually work quite well. It is also very important to establish your own protocols of how do you engage the customer. Don’t ask for a review from customers, but you could potentially ask the customers to explain the experience they had with your business.

From the experiments that my team completed on Google plus, we noticed that the keywords had been used within the review to help direct the search engine to some of the nearby relative niches. So it is very important to use relative and relevant keywords within the actual review. Those keywords then help the search engine to locate similar content, helping businesses rank for similar terms. Please don’t fake the reviews, Google will catch up with you and will eventually harm you. Make sure that your protocols are authentic and real, and that the reviews are completely genuine, and try to use some of the keywords in the best way.