Everyone knows a
business needs a logo. Do you know why it’s so critically important? My name is Aaron Belyea and today we’ll talk about what makes for a successful logo.

Let’s start with an exercise. This should help strengthen your eye and let you analyze the different elements that make for a successful logo. In this case I’ve isolated the graphic elements that are used for the greater lockup. Some may look familiar, some may look brand new, but all should give you a feeling, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

Did you recognize Mohawk, a paper company? Did the Haycon identity feel appropriate for a construction company? What about Reebok? Did you recognize that? Especially now with their new initiatives with the UFC and CrossFit. By revealing the full lockup, did you recognize some of these identities? Did they feel different?

Analyzing Logo Components

Let’s follow through with another exercise: analyzing the stock elements that make up for a greater logo.

Are there elements within each of the lockups that you recognized? Did you get a feeling about the PearleVision logo? Did it look familiar? How about the Smith identity? The British trucking company uses that Griffin as their icon. How about the Wine Bottega? Does it feel interesting? Did it draw you in? Did you analyze what it was and what it represented?

In the case of all three of these identities, we have very complex illustrations to very simple. What resonates with you? Does it feel appropriate? Did you feel inspired? Is it something you can use when you brand your company? As we continue these exercises and you start to analyze these different elements and the type choices, think about how they can relate to your company or business.

When creating a logo for your company, this is the thought process you should follow. Analyze each element, think about it conceptually, and then work with the designer that you think can execute on that.