When a company you trust violates that trust in some way, don’t you feel betrayed? When this happens, it’s often a violation of core values. My name is Deb Goeschel, and we’re going to discuss how important it is to establish core values for your business and ensure that they are the foundation of everything that you do.

What Are Core Values?

Core values play a crucial role. It’s where you decide what is most important to you in how you do your business. When your values are successfully integrated into the organization, they set the foundation for the culture. Values set the climate of the workplace and help determine how success is defined and measured. They also inform how you make decisions, interact with your clients and customers, create tactics, hire and fire employees, and so much more.

How Do You Come Up with Your Core Values?

You can take a look at some large corporations to brainstorm ideas and identify your company values, but remember: you want to make sure it’s authentic to you so you’re not just copying what another company has come up with for their list of values. So create that list of values. Start with five to ten or more, but then hone it down to three to five of the things that are really important to you. It could be honesty, transparency, communication, or customer service. Is the customer always right? Is transparency something that you feel is important for your customers to know how you do your business? You decide. Then define those words. What does honesty mean for you? What does transparency mean for you?

Remember, not adhering to your company values is like lying to your clients, customers, and employees. But when they’re integrated into your business, it can help develop your brand and develop brand loyalty within that customer segment. And that’s what we all want.