Are you a rascal? Here’s a weird business story for you. A landlord in New Hampshire is turning an old mill complex into some condos including sand blasting while there are tenants there. The tenants don’t like it; there’s dust in the air. They take them to court, the judge says ‘hey I’m going to apply the rascality test’. In New Hampshire laws, the rascality test means that objectionable conduct must obtain a level of rascality that would raise the eyebrow of someone inured to the rough and tumble world of commerce. This reminds me when I was growing up my father used to always say ‘you’re a little rascal!’ You know, I’ve been in buildings with sandblasting going on, and it’s no fun, it’s dangerous, it’s bad stuff. But come one, what kind of weird laws can we be subjected to as business people. Come on, business is tough enough without this baloney. But don’t you be a rascal, you could get in trouble now!