Mobile-Responsive Email

You know what really grinds my gears? When I get an email on my phone and I have to pinch and expand just to read it? It’s like nobody put any thought into it before pressing “send.” On average, 55 percent of people are opening your emails on their mobile phones. Moreover, 30 percent of people are unsubscribing and 80 percent of people delete your email if it doesn’t look good on a mobile phone. So how can you afford to not have a mobile-responsive template?

What is a Mobile-Responsive Email Template?

A mobile-responsive email template is a template that looks good on desktop, mobile, and tablet because people use different digital devices throughout the day. When they’re waking up in the morning, they may be opening on their phone. And about 80 percent of people will look on their phone for email. Then, when they’re at work, they’re on a desktop computer or a laptop. And at night, usually people are using their tablets because they want screen time. They want to be on their tablet, they also want to be watching TV.

Why Does Mobile Matter for your Marketing Program?

A mobile-responsive email template is critical to your successful email marketing program because it sends different versions of your email for all of these different devices. Now if you don’t have a mobile-responsive email template, I highly suggest you have one built. If you don’t feel comfortable building one, then hire an expert, present company included, to build an email template that allows you to really convey the brand, the identity, the story, and what you’re trying to get your clients to do.