How do you think you could use the Law of Subtraction to be more efficient and effective in your entrepreneurial life? This is Erika Salloux from I am going to tell you there many many ways but I want to touch on a few today how you can use the law of subtraction.

Identify Your Passions

Any time that we say yes to something in our life, whether it’s a business or personal thing, we’re saying no to something else, even if we do not know what that other thing is. So I’ll give you an example of what happened to me recently, I said yes to be in this home show, and then something else came up that was really juicy to me – a personal thing, because it’s happening on a weekend. And I thought ‘oh my gosh, that’s what I have to say no to now because I said yes to this other thing’. So we always want to think about the stuff that we say yes to, that we’re really committed and want to be there. Of course we can’t help it if something else comes up we didn’t expect, that we didn’t know about, but that we really want to go inside and ask ourselves as an entrepreneur ‘what are the things that are really not juicy and exciting to us’. So my business coach did something with me recently where she had me do a passionate/not passionate list – what am I passionate about and what I’m not passionate about – so that I could see what I need to delegate.

Delegate Your Tasks

And that’s one of the biggest ways that you can let things go and say no and subtract things in your entrepreneurial life. So once you see that list of what the non-passionate things are, you can start to devise, be creative, as we are as entrepreneurs, to think of ways of who else can do them, how can we delegate them to someone else. Usually the things on that list are things that are not our unique ability, like we’re not really awesome at them. We might be able to do them, but we’re not really great at them, and we don’t love doing them and they don’t light us up, were not excited to do them.
Now sometimes we’re really good at things that we’re not excited about doing. So I can pay attention to detail all day long, but there’s some detailed tasks, like my bookkeeping, that I don’t like to do. So I have a bookkeeper that handles it all, because it’s not juicy to me. Even though I can do it and I’m super good at it. I even created a whole manual that I gave her when she took over of things that I wanted a certain way. But it’s not really in my unique abilities. So start making a list of passionate/not passionate, and thinking about what you can let go of in your life. And also you can do this in your personal life too, think about what your time is worth. And so, can you hire someone, can you find an intern to do it, whatever that is.

Narrowing Your Focus Cultivates Expertise

Also think about what you might also just let go altogether, because sometimes as entrepreneurs we don’t actually niche far enough in what we do, so we think we have to serve everybody in this domain so we say ‘oh yeah what I do? Yeah I work with everybody’ and you’re afraid to say ‘no I only work for three-legged dogs that like to smoke’. Maybe that’s who you work with, but people go ‘if I say that I’ll never get any clients’. So you have to really really think about if you niche and say no to everybody else, you actually become an expert in that area, and you’re actually going to get more clients and be more of an expert in that smaller area. So think about, too, if you can also niche, what can you let go of? That way, anything that doesn’t fall in that you can just say no to, and you’ll see a lot of things that you used to say yes to that you think you had to get done, you can say no to.
So letting go altogether, delegating, and niching are three techniques for using the law of subtraction to be a more powerful and happier entrepreneur.