I’m Dave Richard, operator, president, and founder of big fish PR. I’m going to tell you the two best ways that public relations can help with Google search.

Get Featured On Popular Sites

The first is pretty obvious: if you get your story told on a great website that is well trafficked, is highly credible, and highly influential, what that does is it tells the Google search algorithm “Hey, this is important!”
It’s important to have these surrounding keywords in context within your story, and if it links to your website, boom! It moves you right up in SEO potential, even to page 1 rankings in Google.

Keep Your Content Fresh

A second way that PR can really help with Google search rankings is on the written side on your blog on your website. One of the things that Google does is it looks to dive through all of the content that’s on the web, organize it and serve it up in relevant ways. What is relevant what is new, so the Google algorithm is really driving the search box. Go through your website and ask the simple question: “what’s new?”

What you can do on your site with some good PR is to continually write and produce stories and put them on your blog. Every time you do that, it updates the log file of your website and that tells the Google search box “hey, here’s a new piece of content.”

Last I checked, Google hasn’t invented a time machine – yet. They may eventually, but up to this point they haven’t. So what Google has to do is it has to rely on your web log files to say “hey, tell me Google, what’s new?” Every time you upload a new public relations story to your blog or to your website, that’s new content that’s fresh and relevant and that will help move you up in Google’s search rankings.