Is the press release dead? I’m David Gerzof Richard, president and founder of Big Fish PR, and it is a yes and no answer.

A Changing PR Climate

Yes, the press release is dead in terms of that go-to central public relations tool that disseminates news over the web and drops it into every single reporter’s mailbox. That just is simply not the way the news travels anymore. What keeps the press release alive really is the SEC and something called “fair disclosure”. Most publicly traded companies still use the press release of the newswire service to get news out there in ways that do not make them run afoul of the SEC.

How The Press Release Still Survives

On the other hand, the press release is still very much alive in the sense that it is an important tool for reporters who are short of time and long on deadlines to be able to quickly and concisely vet a news announcement and understand its newsworthiness and how it applies to their audience. So, it’s very important to write a press release and that aspect of the press release is still very much alive and thriving. It’s the methods by which that they’re being distributed that, in my mind and in my opinion, is dead. The wire service does nothing for you; there is way too much noise out there on the Internet and search engines do not care about press releases – in fact, they mark them down.

Think about it: when’s the last time you’ve done a search, and you actually found a company’s press release that’s not on the news section of their website?

A Modern Approach to Press Releases

So what is the best method today with a press release? It is to draft that press release, pitch it to the right journalist with the right audience using data-driven PR tactics and work with them on the story. Once that story publishes, then you take that press release and post to the new section of your website where will be found by search engines.