So I really am excited to talk about this subject here because it’s the one we all think the business is entirely about, but it’s really just one part of the technical manufacture of the service we offer. And that’s sales in the field, or outside sales. What I mean by that is the obvious: everybody looks at a real estate agent from the outside or the agency business from the outside, and they say oh I can sell that person a house or I could list and sell that house.

Real Estate is More Than Sales

There’s so much in this technical piece, it could be an entire subject in and of itself. But we’ve set it up correctly. Remember, we come from inside sales education, to more intense online and in person presentations, to arrive properly at setting these people up for success working with us. Because remember, this is where emotions creep in. I don’t care how savvy a person you’re working with is – they could be a nuclear physicist are rocket scientist it doesn’t matter – this is emotional. Why? Food, air, water, shelter, it’s home. It’s the place that we put over our heads to survive the elements. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Maybe at a subconscious level only, but it’s true. So they get emotional about buying and selling. And then throw in that it’s very financially oriented, and could be the largest financial transaction they’ll ever make in a lifetime. So the point is what? In the outside sales field, the key is to stay calm.

Play to Your Strengths

Everybody has different levels of skill, and you can always work hard and you should be constantly and never ending your improvement on your skill set, even if you’re a veteran. By the way, especially if you’re veteran in the Internet age always improving. However, what is the fallback for every single real estate agent when it comes to outside sales? Be resourceful, that’s your job on the outside. Your job is not to know as a technician all of the answers, you can’t and you won’t. But you can always 100% be resourceful. Don’t be afraid to look somebody in the eye and say I don’t know the answer, but I will certainly go get it for you. And that my friends will be appreciated by anybody buying or selling real estate.