In this series, what I want to talk about is the technical work of the real estate agent. In the past we’ve talked about the entrepreneurial vision, the blueprint series and all the wireframes, but somebody has to get out there and start to do the assembly line like work.

Create an Assembly Line for Technical Work

You can only imagine what Henry Ford was doing when he was figuring out how to manufacture automobiles better. It wasn’t that he just ran down there and did the technical work, he followed a plan for that assembly line. But, once that plan was in place, it’s supposed to be very plug and play. So in other words, a worker should be able to plug in and do what they’re supposed to do specifically day in and day out, and not guess. This shouldn’t be an adventure every day, you should know specifically what you’re doing.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Require Keyword Research

So let’s start with marketing. In the marketing world for technical work, you’re talking about physically deciding how to write the ad. Let’s go to the Internet first. For example, if I go up to my wireframe and I look at strategic marketing for buyers and I decide that insider geography I have to go after them on the Internet, then I’m going to go to something like Google. And I might be doing something like pay-per-click advertising, so I have to do the technical work of the keyword research. If my perfect client is dreaming into that little white bar about real estate, what are they typing in? So I have to do that technical research and find out are there actually searches for it? Then, once I find that keyword string, I want to incorporate that into this little tiny cryptic ad that I’m forced to stay within. The Internet’s really making us be great editors. So am I going from keywords to a very relevant ad, so I have to do many iterations of that ad, and then get those out there – that’s technical work.

Capturing Leads

But of course, all that hard work leads to the technical work of lead capture – where am I going to drive these leads? And by the way big brother Google’s going to be staring over me, to make sure I play their game correctly. So there they are paying attention to that ad and where I landed. So now I have to go out and make monetary decisions on landing pages and websites to offer that free stuff the best way that I can. So there’s a reciprocal offer and exchange of information, where I’m willing to give you my contact information for access to info, and it better be really good these days.

So next, the technician has to talk about perhaps going to get seller leads and how that works. So they look at the directive from the management blueprint and they begin to stuff envelopes with content. For example, expireds – put a nice home seller course in there, a cover letter that explains what this free gift is and how to take action on that. And that has to go out the door every single day, consistently. You can’t sit back and wait for the Internet to do its job, you have to take technical action.

Be Able to Accommodate Change

Now here’s the key with the technical work of marketing. What if all of a sudden, the quick shift changes? What if all of a sudden we go from Google being a power player to Facebook? And we have to immediately shift our technical work? Well you have to be ready for that, because that is the new age that we live in. The technician is always ready for that assembly line to take a little shift. So the technical work becomes extremely important, because if you don’t do the technical work of marketing, there’s nobody to follow up on, which I’ll talk about in the next series.