I want to talk today about the next plan in your blueprint, your overall blueprint process and this is strategic follow up. Oh my gosh this is the cornerstone of why real estate agents continue to struggle and worse, fail. You have to consider that this is one of the largest single financial and emotional transactions most people ever make in a lifetime. So what does that mean? That means that once they start planning to do this, it’s going to take them a long time to be prepared. And that’s your job.

Nurture and Guide Your Clients

Your job is to be there over that long period of time to nurture them, to help them, to guide them, and that’s a real tough pill to swallow because consider what the Internet age has done. There was a day for real estate agents where all those relationships were extremely important, but they were obvious. Hey this is cousin Betty, and she’s going to come down to the office and we’re going to sit down and look at these homes in the book. Then it was online, and then it was on the smartphone. So what happened was the consumer became empowered when we gave away the proprietary nature of the information.

Build an Online Relationship

All of a sudden, it was free for everybody to see. So the agents lost their control. And that really changes the entire business model for follow-up, because now you have to meet somebody, perhaps in new relationships online, 18 to 24 months, maybe even longer, before they even come close to making a decision. And that’s assuming that they’re not predisposed to doing business with somebody else. So meeting them online is going to require you to give away your best stuff for free! I know that sounds crazy but that’s what the Internet has done. If you want to win somebody’s attention, you have to give away your best stuff for free, and expect that the law of reciprocity, or the gift giving principle is going to give you the opportunity to at least engage in some kind of a conversation with them. Even if the beginning conversation is a thank you that’s cryptically written in the middle of the night via email. So you have to build in layers of strategic follow-up – from free gifts, to email follow up that deeper dives, to perhaps online video where you’re engaging them more and they can see your personality and they can make that decision whether or not they want to engage you much more personally.

Followup with Your Clients

So strategic follow-up plans are absolutely critical, they always have been in this business. Nobody wants to talk about them because that’s where the work gets done. So remember the most important plan in your overall blueprint is your strategic marketing plan, where you understand the implications of having to do business with people you don’t know if you want a sustainable real estate agency business. So that is predicated on you giving away, number one your best stuff for free, following up by helping them go a little bit deeper without chasing them away, and then allowing them to deeper dive with online mediums that allow you to be present in video or slide shares, whatever it might be so that you can finally win the chance to meet them face-to-face and then the rest is up to your presentation skills.