So, I want to talk about the technical work of getting this thing closed, the closing process. What you’re supposed to be doing there is not just abdicating responsibility away is somebody, or taking a laissez-faire attitude yourself about it, what you want to do is pay attention to the fact that you have brought these people buyers and sellers to the most worrisome stage in the process: will I lose my deal, will it stay together?

Closing with Confidence

These are the delusions and the fears and everything going through their heads. So you don’t have to decelerate or decrease your conversation with them, rather you have to increase it and accelerate. You have to be right there holding their hand. And don’t sit there complaining about the fact that you have to do that, this is the business that we’re in. Making somebody’s anxiety lower from here to here so they can think rationally about what they must do during the closing process, keeping their financing together if they’re buyers, organizing their move if they’re sellers, whatever it may be.

Organization is Essential to Closing

Your job is to help them stay organized. Now you may be the type of real estate agent entrepreneur who doesn’t have that is a strength, so get some help yourself. If you outsource some of the paperwork or the closing work, then do that. So remember, the closing process, the technical work of closing has to be organized by you, you’re responsible even if you’re getting some help. Because your most important job as a technician at this point is to close with care. Be there for your buyer and seller until the transaction is 100% completed.