Now, the internet has really discombobulated the technical work of giving presentations, in a good way, though, if you embrace it. Before, there was a long time where we could sit with somebody and explain the benefits of doing business with us. Here’s why you should buy a house with us, these are all things I do, the order I do it in, and you had a long time and you could engage face-to-face and personally.

Use the Internet to Engage Prospects

Well again because the internet has started this process so further back, remember what we’ve gone through to arrive at full presentation mode this time. We’ve gone from giving away our free gift online, we’ve engaged them a little bit deeper with strings of emails, maybe had a few conversations, so that we can actually get into some sort of presentation mode. But remember now, so many people are so frenetically paced that the timeframe that we have, even if we get face-to-face, has shrunk a lot!

Just look at some of the major sites out there that give an intellectual dissertation, they cut them off. 18 minutes you’re off the stage, you get the hook, versus two hours perhaps in the past. So what does that mean? You have to have a combination in your presentations of getting a little bit deeper dive with what? Video!

Use the Internet as a Segue Into a Dialogue

Let’s engage a little bit more before we ever arrive, so they get a flavor for us, and we can capture that short moment on video to give them our strategic wireframe for the benefits. So that by the time we arrive, it’s already warmed up a little bit, so the presentation personally becomes a little bit more of a review, which allows you to have more quality time with somebody to build relationship because you’ve already begun to coach them. So presentations have become a combination of getting a in little bit deeper visually online when you arrive personally you can spend more quality time listening than talking at them.