So, let’s talk about database segmentation, the technical side, but what does that even mean? Well, you have all these people that you want to work with, let’s frame it as a conversion module. You have these leads, you’re hoping to manufacture conversations, let’s call those prospects, and ultimately have them become clients that you’re working with that hopefully you can monetize.

Turn Those Leads into Money

But most people are just looking at that lead pile and jumping on it jumping on it hoping that somehow it miraculously becomes money. You have to do the technical work of separating these groups of people. I’m not even going to deep dive into database choices, there are so many customer resource management systems, you could blow your brains out trying to have that discussion, lets just simply say this: how about the concept of a wire rack? How about all of these people that come in in pink folders are potential leads. I don’t know anything about their timing, here’s all of those people. You have a next row of wire racks, and those are the blue folders. Those of the people that actually after being pursued will give you the time of day to have some sort of a conversation about real estate, even if it’s a little snippet. And ultimately you have your clients, people that have entrusted you with their business to buy or sell a home. So there you have database segmentation that you have to be doing constantly. You can’t neglect this and then run back and look at all these names and try to pull a rabbit out of the hat. So it really just doesn’t work like that.

Use Technical Workers for Technical Work

What you need here for a technical worker for database segmentation, is clear divisions based on timing. Here are people we know nothing about their timing let’s called them leads, here are people that are giving us some indication as prospects, some long-term some near-term, and ultimately we have the clients who are working with us. And ironically, when you become a good technical work with database segmentation, you can work right to left paying most attention to your clients but not forgetting about your pipeline.