Benefits of a Mobile App for your Business

Do you need a mobile app for your business? I’m Lida Tang and the creator of ForkOut and other mobile apps. I think everyone is fairly familiar with he benefits of a website. It has a very broad reach. Everyone has a mobile device or desktop that can reach a website. It has low-cost maintainability because everyone’s been using the internet for so long, and there’s a lot of services and tools and providers that can help you create a website and maintain it. And finally, there’s shareability. You can send a link to anybody and on social media or through an ad campaigns and really get anybody to your website in a very cost effective way.

User Experience

So what benefit would a native app—a mobile app that sits on your phone—provide? For flip businesses there are really three major benefits. There is the user experience. Mobile apps typically have access to the full power of that particular mobile device. So you can create better animations and better graphics that better engage your customer and provide personalized experience on the mobile device.

Access to Notifications

Another benefit is access to notifications. So when you have a website and you want to get users to come back to your website, it is very hard to do without the user signing up for email service or something like that. Whereas on a mobile device, you can engage your users through notifications anytime you want because you can send the notification through the app. When they receive it, they’ll integrate it into part of their mobile experience.

An Easier Path to Monetization

And then finally, the most important maybe for your business, is a much easier path to monetization because on a website, customers have a sign-up form that requires you to enter in their credit card information. It’s really hard to make impulse buys when they have to do all those steps. That’s why Amazon patented “one click,” to really make that process as easy as possible to buy something.

The barrier is also much lower on mobile devices because customers can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to just enter their password or maybe even just push their thumbprint on their devices to authorize the purchase. So that already lowers the barrier to entry for you to get your product to them.

A very useful strategy to think about is using your website to reach customers, then converting them to download your app so you can monetize more easily and engage users more effectively.