I know we all hated them in school, but let’s face it: tests were a pretty good way to measure our engagement and understanding. Hello, I’m Kristen Ransom, and today I’m going to talk to you about creative ways to measure your customer engagement using your website.

Install Google Analytics to Keep Track of Your Traffic

So now that you have your website up and running, you have some engaging content, you have some fresh things going on, people are looking, one thing that’s really important to do is gauge how well your website is working for you. So it’s not enough just to create something and cross your fingers and hope that it’s working. So there are several tools out there that you can use to gauge who’s coming to your website, what are they kind of interested in, and how well is my design reflecting my brand. So one thing that you can do is install Google analytics onto your website. So this is really easy to do, all you have to do is go and search Google analytics, you link it with your website.

Advertise in Locations With Higher Traffic

Basically what it does is it tracks who’s visiting your website, where are they located in the world, how often are they looking at your website, what pages are they looking at, how long are they looking at those pages, and this is really helpful information. For instance, I know for me, and this was really random, I try to check out my Google analytics pretty often, and I found that a lot of people in DC are looking at my website. So I’m like ‘okay, let me see who are these people in DC, what are they looking at?’ And a lot of them were looking at some of the articles that have about creating your prototype and designing the perfect online brand. So now what am I doing? I’m paying for ads in DC, to get my peeps in DC! And that’s something you can do too, it’s really easy, look at who is looking at your website. You may be limiting yourself to local consumers when you have national brand.

Make Your Website Accessible

So these are some amazing things that you can do to check out if no one, if for instance one thing I also realized about my website is often people would go to the homepage and then they would just leave. It was really difficult for people to figure out how to contact us, and figure out how to go to other pages because our menu was so complicated. So that’s something that’s really important for you to know is you may have people who are coming to your website, and then they go to maybe the first two pages and leave. So again, you don’t want that type of relationship that’s like eh first date, second date, nah, you know? So I would say that’s also one good thing that you can do.

Test With a Regular Client

And then lastly, another great thing that you can do if you have the time, is really if you have a very loyal customer that continually patronizes your business, I would say test your website on them. You know, every so often when you are refreshing your pages having those blog articles, maybe send it to that client, say ‘can you take a look at this? Tell me what you think? Is this something that would be interesting to you?’. Ask them okay what type of information would keep you coming to my website? And again, the whole point in doing this is to make sure that you aren’t just limiting yourself to people physically come to your address. And if you don’t physically have a space, that’s even more of a reason for you to have an online presence that accurately reflects your brand.