Are you making it easy for folks to come to your website to stay in touch with you? I’m Suzanne McDonald with the marketing consultancy Angles & Insights.

Use Google Analytics

Conversions and online traffic funnels are pretty easy if you’re selling a product. But what if you have a long sales cycle, like a yacht builder, or an executive coach, or a mergers and acquisitions firm? What are these guys all have in common? It’s a not an impulse buy. There’s a long conversion cycle. We’re not talking here. How do you know if your marketing and advertising are working? Hint: look at Google Analytics, which is a free tool to help you judge what’s working and what’s not.

Have a Click-to-Call Button

But let’s say it is working. You’re blogging, you’re doing a magazine ads, or you’re on a speaking circuit. Are you making it easy for people to connect with the star of your business? It could be you or it could be a partner. Here’s one easy way. Have a “click-to-call” button on your website. What you have is a little link that if someone uses their mobile phone, they press a button and it pops up as a call.

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Have a Downloadable on Your Website

Let’s say no one is interested in talking right now, but they want to be in touch with you. Do you have a downloadable on your website? It could be a white paper. It could be a quiz. It can be an email newsletter that talks about trends. What you want is a key piece of information.

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Use an Online Booking Tool

Your focus needs to be to get someone’s email address so they can stay in touch with you. But let’s say you’re not ready to provide good information or good insights or a newsletter. Maybe stick with the click-to-call, or you could consider using an online booking tool, like YouCanBook.Me or Calendly, and you can embed that code into your website. So when someone comes to your website, they can easily select a time that you have already said you’re going to be available. There’s no back and forth with email trying to figure out a time. It also allows you to sync it to Google Calendar. So if you have a meeting during your office hours, you can book yourself during that time and Calendly will show you as busy. It’s free, it embeds, you can use PayPal to get people to prepay. It’s a really great tool.