If redundancy teaches you one thing, it is that you cannot rely on anyone else. You have seen many examples of business owners making poor business and management decisions. You have most of the knowledge you need to do a better job yourself.

You understand the need to build your business around solving customers’ urgent problems, and you have a service or product that will do that. Now it’s just a matter of reaching out to people and making your pitch.

How Will You Help People?

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Some needs are more important than others, as shown in the above image above Genius.com.

If your clients are businesses, then your service must help your customers increase their profits (The second tier on Maslow’s pyramid.)

If you are serving consumers, then you have more flexibility.  Apple and Porsche have built their business success around Maslow’s self-esteem tier, but they have immense marketing budgets that you don’t have.

How Will You Reach Your Clientele?

There are five main ways to reach clients:


Email is still the best form of business communication.

An infographic on spells out just how good email is.

You need to use your website to build an email list and then gradually build your credibility with your subscribers until they are ready to trust you with their money.

However, if you are in the B2B space, you have another problem. Business owners don’t have the time to search and find you via Google or social media. They need your services, but you might as well not exist because you are invisible.

You need to target decision makers in those companies that could benefit from buying your services, but getting their email addresses is not simple. VoilaNorbert   is one SaaS company that will help you find anyone’s corporate email address.

You can test the Voilà Norbert service for free (and get 50 contacts/leads) and it integrates with Zapier to make the process even easier.


A website is a must; even a free single page site is better than none. However, you can use WordPress (free) and a free theme to build a complete site with About Us and Contact pages, as well as telling visitors about your service. This How to Start a Blog Guide from Neil Patel will walk you through the process.


Once you have a website, your chance of appearing in Google’s search results increases. You will appear in the top results more often if you write frequent posts to your site and if you interlink your posts. Install the free a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/”> Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your writing for Google.

Mobile App

You need an app to  engage the ever-increasing number of mobile users. You can build your own app, or pay someone to develop one, but that is only one of the battle; you have to make it worthwhile and easy for people to download your app.

With the plethora of apps available, it’s difficult to get people to download yours. Building a useful app with social media integrations will only take you so far. The biggest hurdle is getting downloads. Link Texting is one company that gives you a way to make downloading easier.

LinkTexting provides you with widgets, badges and prompts to encourage site users to ask for a text link to your app. The software detects the user’s device and sends the link to the appropriate app store automatically.

Social Media

Use social media to start building relationships with prospects, but remember it is a social medium, not a pitching one. You need to give and keep on giving on any social channel to succeed. Have measurable goals for your Twitter and Facebook activity, including clicks through to your website or app downloads. You can use different tools to automate your twitter growth and reach new potential customers.

How Will You Pitch

Getting app downloads and website users is only the overture. The symphony is your pitch.

You need to work on your pitch so you can do it at a moment’s notice whenever you have an interested client. Your primary drive should be focused on how the user will benefit, rather than on your product. You need to listen to learn what the individual needs and then pitch your service or product to meet those needs.

Yes, you need a written pitch on your site, but most sales will come as a result of pitching face-to-face or on the phone.

The Short Version

Unemployment can be a blessing if you have been thinking of founding your own business. The older you are, the more experience you have and the more suited you are to building your own business.

Build your company around your clients’ needs and reach them by creating a website and communicating by email and through your app. You will always need to ask for the sale, so learn everything you can about your prospect and practice your pitch at every opportunity.