As an online store owner, you may notice that your Website is receiving a high amount of traffic, but you are not making many online sales. This is most commonly due to a high rate of people abandoning their shopping carts and never making their purchases. A SaleCycle report in 2016 notes that sales abandonment rates can reach to close to 75 percent, so there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Many of the reasons why people abandon their shopping carts can be resolved by changing the design of your Website. So if you notice these problems, you can easily fix them with a few modifications.

Here is a list of seven common reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts:

1. Extra Costs Are Too High

According to Baymard, 61 percent of online customers list this as a reason why they abandon their shopping carts. You may think you are offering a great deal, but the extra costs, such as taxes, shipping, and handling fees may drive the price up too high for customers. While you cannot reduce the tax percentage, there are ways to reduce the costs. Make sure you are offering multiple shipping options and consider free shipping for those who make a large purchase.

2. Site Requires Creation of an Account

While you hope your customers will return again and again if they have accounts, that may not be the case. Creating an account requires extra time and makes the process more complicated. Don’t require customers to create an account to purchase an item. Make sure you include a “continue as guest” link so customers can bypass the account-creation page.

3. Complicated Checkout

Customers do not like having to click many times to get through the order process. Reduce the number of form elements required to about 12-14 to creates a smooth checkout flow that does not require dozens of clicks to complete.

4. No Upfront Order Total

Customers want to know how much their total is before making a purchase, but some sites require them to fill out a form with their information and then only display the total right before submission. You can fix this by having customers enter their shipping information at the beginning, then displaying the total cost before asking them to enter their payment information.

5. Website Crashed

Nothing is worse than having the site crash before you can submit your order. If this happens, your store may not get another chance to make that sale. You should test your site out on different browsers, including smartphone mobile apps, to be sure it is in complete working order before going live.

6. Slow Delivery

In this fast-paced world, customers do not want to wait for weeks to receive their items. For those who need it fast, offer shipping options such as overnight delivery and weekend delivery. Let customers choose their preferred shipping company, such as UPS or FedEx.

7. Not Satisfied with Return Policy

A major risk that customers take when purchasing online is that they cannot see the items in person. This is especially true when buying clothing or shoes, since customers cannot try them on before buying. If you offer a strict return policy or refuse returns, customers will abandon their carts and look elsewhere. Consider a policy with a reasonable timeframe and multiple options, such as credit-card refunds or a store credit.

Many customers abandon their shopping carts before completing their orders. If this happens too often, you will not reach your sales target. To make sure you are reaching maximum sales, go back over your store’s Website and make any necessary changes to help customers. Install high-quality enterprise e-commerce software to help make the process as smooth as possible, and you will get customers to submit their orders.

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