In the age, before the internet made its fame, the stock market mainly ran through pones and one on one meets. In this time of high-speed internet, we can see how that was quite inconvenient and slow. The clients had to pay higher commission fees due to the phone rates while the brokers had to fill in paperwork. With the growth of the internet so came the e-trading or the self-directed trading. Sited right in your chair you can now not only learn how to trade in stock but also make your trade without the tedious phone calls and high fees.

Online Trading Platforms

Online trading allows the clients to trade in assets through an intermediary’s online-based platform. This way the client can buy and sell currencies, stocks, bonds etc. through the online platform. The online platforms come with varying advantages like charts, premium searches, real-time stock markets quotes etc. therefore one can choose the specific platform that suits your speed.

What to Check When Choosing Trade Platforms

Various platforms come bundles with difference oldies thus it is your prerogative to make a point in learning these tweaks. For starters, apart from the trading, the features extend to charts and premium searches. These allow you to visualize the trading patterns of different assets thus making your learning or trading easier. It also allows you to choose the strategies to use when trading in assets. Additionally, the platforms come with real-time market quotes and news on companies in the stock market. The news allows you to make informed choices while choosing different assets.

Apart from features, other aspects to check for include the intermediary (broker) of that specific platform. The market is flooding with new platforms every day with different brokers choosing to go online. As the transition happens, its good to know which brokers you want backing your trades in order to be safe while trading. Some like CFD market provide safe and sure trading platforms for the clients. However, some platforms are uncommitted to specific broker thus, you choose to trade with whomever you choose.

Certain platforms have specific requirements in order to allow the client to trade in them. For some, you have to have a minimum of $25000 in equity in order to trade. On the other and other platforms, require approval to trade the various trade options before using the platform. It is important to check these requirements and more while trading online.

Pros and Cons of Using Automated Trade Platforms


Minimal attachment. While trading on the phone or in person, there is a possibility of lack of focus due to anxiety or doubt. These eventually affect the choice you make and or in some cases do not make.
Disciplined. While using the online platforms there are little attachments to the trades, thus you can execute the trading techniques and check them for success.

Consistency while trading. The automated system removes the possibility of high emotional baggage while trading. This way if you make two consistent losses you reduce the possibility of not choosing to trade the third time in fear of another loss.

Diversity. The online platforms allow you to run multiple accounts and execute varying techniques as you fancy.


Over optimizing strategies. While unchecked by the normal trade atmosphere, it is easy to get over-enthusiastic about the techniques you apply to your trade. This may eventually lead to losses and frustration.

Mechanical failure. As much as we love the internet and the computers, the possibility of failure always looms above us.

The need for monitoring. This, however, is not a problem with platforms as CDF markets were you get to access the platform anywhere any time and check your trading progress.

The internet comes with its advantages and one of them is the trading platforms. Any person with the idea to make it big on the assets market can log on to a site and get their trading started. The modern age is quickly taking things on the digital, which in turn reduces the bustle of paperwork and tedious phone calls.