The Kingdom of Spain is a multicultural country that remains an attractive destination for non-residents. Favourable weather conditions, developed economics, large market and good business infrastructure – these factors make this country attractive for businessmen both for EU citizens and those living beyond the limits of the EU intending to expand their business in the EU.

If you have a look to immigration statistics of the last decades, you can see that Spain currently is a country with a large per cent of immigrants, which makes about 13% of the total population of the country. The largest groups of immigrants moved to Spain from Morocco (due to its proximity) and Romania (due to generic language). Besides them, there are many immigrants from South America (due to common language) as well as immigrants from the rich EU countries with colder climate who choose Spain for living in retirement. History shows, that since 2000, Spain has experienced fast population growth which is a result of immigration. Among the immigrants, there are not only those seeking to find a better job but also a large amount of those seeking to star their own business in the country. Immigration to Spain allows carrying out business throughout the whole territory of the European Union.

Well-developed business infrastructure, sustainable economy, respectable Spanish banks and good financial climate explains the interest of foreign entrepreneurs in developing their business in Spain. Indeed, Spain is the European leader in advanced IT technologies. Almost all Spanish companies with 10 or more employees have Internet connection. Moreover, Spain, taking into account its geographical position, has a very good ports infrastructure and lots of well-developed airports allowing easy access to the country. Spain ranks third in Europe for passenger traffic in the airports. Furthermore, Spain has the largest network of highways and motorways in the EU. Finally, Spain is one of the leaders in the area of innovations. The most popular cities for immigration and for successful business remain Madrid and Barcelona that offer many business opportunities.

The European Union citizens can freely enter, travel and remain in Spain, and are not obliged to fulfil any residence requirements in order to temporary live or stay in Spain. However, if a foreigner has intentions to reside for a long period of time in the country, registration as Spanish resident is advisable for tax reasons as this will entitle a foreigner to get some benefits in in the country.

On the contrary, the non EU-foreigners need the residence permit to live in the Spain legally. The Spanish residence permit (either permanent or temporary) can give you a lot of benefits such as visa-free travel within the EU territory and business registration etc. Remember that foreigners moving to Spain must first also apply for a temporary residence permit. Starting business in Spain is the most popular reason for a temporary residence permit.

What is a temporary residence permit? Temporary residence permit is an authorization to stay in the country for a period exceeding 90 days and shorter than five years. Authorizations for a period shorter than five years may be renewed regularly, at the request of the foreigner. Residence permits are issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. It is important to remember that temporary residence permit cannot be issued to foreigners who have no sufficient financial means for themselves and for their family members (if they have any).

The procedure of getting a temporary residence permit is not too complicated. The residence permit applications must be submitted personally before the Foreigners’ Office or to the National Police Station with a foreigners’ department nearest to the city or town where the foreigner is going to live. The time period required for completion of the whole procedure can vary from days to months depending on many factors. Note that the procedure in smaller towns often takes longer period of time. The temporary residence permit in Spain can be granted to a foreigner under certain exceptional circumstances specified in law. The main requirement to obtain the permit is to present the right documents.
This residence permit can also be applied for by foreigners who have previously lived in Spain and do not need seek to obtain a permanent residence permit. The permit can also be granted to the people with humanitarian needs including those foreigners whose application for refugee status has been denied, also the people cooperating with Spanish authorities against organized crimes.

In order to apply for a temporary residence permit in Spain, you need to submit the following documents:

– Valid passport.
– Valid Relevant visa in force.
– Several photos of relevant size;
– Proof of financial means to ensuring your stay during the period of residence in Spain;
– Medical insurance.
– Certificate of criminal record issued by the foreigner’s home country.

Do not forget that renewals of the Spain residence permit must be applied for at least one month before expiry of the residence permit; otherwise the foreigner could be fined. Usually, renewals of residence permits are possible provided that neither personal nor economic situations of the non-EU foreigner have changed.

Those who move to Spain as a dependent of foreigners who work in Spain only need to apply for a relevant residence permit. In such case the permit of the foreigner is much dependent i the validity of the work permit of the foreigner’s working family member or the partner. The residence permit should be carried with you at all times as it constitutes a mandatory identity card for foreign residents in Spain.

Thus, the temporary residence permit in Spain is a convenient instrument to enter and stay in Spain, to think about work in Spain or start your own business in that country. However, it requires knowledge of Spanish immigration law. After summing up everything what was said above, if you are planning to get the temporary residence permit in Spain, it is worth to address to a professional immigration specialists who will advise and help to handle all the formalities in the shortest time and avoid mistakes and loss of money.