As you start designing your product packaging, you might think about simply designing a cover for the product. The truth is that you should also consider the psychological effects of the package on consumers.

For instance, choosing a color is not just about what you like. There are certain colors that are more suitable for the type of product that you sell. If you’re selling a product for young girls, for example, you might want to choose pink or a traditionally feminine color for the package. If you wish to sell your detergents or anything meant for cleaning, white would be great; it exudes freshness and cleanliness.

Consumers easily adjust to something they are already familiar with. However, you should also consider the idea that people love something new every now and then. It helps a lot if you change your labels after some time. This novel idea makes consumers feel more excited about taking a closer look at the product being sold.

Check the Text

Obviously, the brand name should be written in the biggest size possible. This allows people to immediately see it, even from afar. Just make sure that it is the right size, especially if you are planning to include other content on the packaging. Don’t let it occupy so much space that it affects other essential components.


For the images, make sure that you consider the target audience. For products that are used at home, check out family-related images. This makes them feel closer to the product since they can relate to it. Use original photos so that you won’t have to worry about copyright issues. The placement of the images should also be carefully considered so that people will appreciate them and perhaps consider them in making their final decision.

Know Your Brand

Before you start designing your product labels, make sure that you totally understand your brand. Every decision you make should be based on your brand or at least the kind of message you want to send to your target audience. Without a clear brand message, it will be difficult for you to focus on a clear direction for product design. Consumers will also be confused about exactly why they should buy your product.

Printing Quality

Once the design is done, check the quality of the printer that’s going to be used. No matter how good the images are, they won’t be appreciated unless the printing quality is top notch. The effort put into the design might go to waste.

It is best if you check out bespoke packaging to find out more about package printing and how you can make your product stand out even more.