shrink wrap and sealing machine

When it comes to shipment of products, shrink wrap machines always come in handy, as they are famed for grouping and protecting any and every product being shipped. In almost every case, the products are wrapped using a plastic shrink wrap film, which, when heated, shrinks and takes the shape of the product for the purpose of protecting it from moisture, damage and dirt while being shipped. The market is filled with a variety of shrink wrap machines and an equal number of shrink wrap films that can be used to safely transport a product.

Usually, the smaller machines are used by artists and painters to wrap their paintings and other artistic works to protect them while being sent to a buyer. These machines are usually available for USD 200 to USD 300 and can even be purchased online. The more expensive and larger ones usually run on electricity and have a much more industrial use, such as for packing lines, video games, boxes, letters and various other medium sized products, normally for bulk orders. These industrial shrink wrap machines are usually available for USD 30000 to USD 35000, and can be used to shrink wrap almost one hundred products in about one hour, some even more.

The type of shrink wrap machine required depends on the type of product the seller or the shipper is dealing with. The daily requirement of wrapped products also decides the type of machinery required; hence, the choice must be made with extreme care and caution. Small items like CDs and DVDs require a smaller packing or wrapping machine, which usually wraps 10 to 20 products in about an hour. But when an industry needs to pack hundreds of items per hour, the larger machines come into the picture. These larger and faster shrink wrap machines need to be installed permanently, but the slower and smaller ones can be used anywhere the user wants – no permanent installation is required. More information on the large shrink wrap machines can be found on

Just as there are only two types of shrink wrap machines available in the market, there are only two types of shrink wrap sealers that are used regularly as well as for industrial purposes.

Let us now take a look at these two shrink wrap sealers available in the market and how they work.
• Straight Bar Sealers – These are usually used for the purpose of sealing video tapes, DVDs and CDs. The shrink wrap film is sealed by a separate heat gun, and only a few items can be processed or wrapped on an hourly basis.
• L-Bar Sealers – These sealers usually seal and cut the shrink wrap film around the product with one single movement of the gears. The plastic film is sealed and cut with electricity, thereby removing the chance of any smoke generation. Polyolefin film is usually used by these sealers.

Let us now give a glance at the various benefits shrink wrap machines usually offer. Read on to find out more.
• Packing and ordering of several boxes at one go becomes a lot easier for mail bagging systems
• Easily spilled items can be carefully and efficiently packed with continuous band sealers
• Almost any kind of package shape can be handled by sleeve wrappers
• Any air inside the package is removed by vacuum sealers when the product is being sealed by passing it through a heat tunnel with a shrink film inside the shrink wrap machine

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