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  • Associations
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  • Book Store
         Small Business Resources
  • Business Directories
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  • Business Opportunities
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  • Finance
         Find, Manage, Plan
  • Letters & Forms
         Get the paperwork in order
  • Getting Started
         Steps to success
  • Hiring & Firing
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  • Home Business
         Ideas, Setup, Starting
  • Internet  New!
         Doing business on the Web
  • Legal
         Contracts, Employee, Property
  • Managing a Business
         Compete, Grow, Succeed
  • Managing People
         Benefits, Motivate, Review
  • Marketing
         Distribution, Plans, Strategy
  • Office
         Supplies & equipment
  • Presentations
         Make a great impression
  • Sales
         Reaching the customer
  • Selling a Business
         Get the most value
  • Taxes
         Death and taxes
  • Time Management
         Time is money
  • Travel & Maps
         Save money & enjoy
  • Turnaround  New!
         Return to Profitability
  • Valuing a Business
         Calculating the price


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    God is My CEO
    Business leaders face the difficult task of reconciling their personal beliefs with the bottom-line demands of their business obligations. Often, it seems like the conflict between short-term business strategies and their desire to “do the right thing” pull them in opposite directions.
    price: $19.95

    Streetwise Small Business Start-Up
    When you start a small business you soon discover that things just don't happen in the real world the way they tell you in business textbooks: Invoices don't get paid by their due dates, ads don't consistently bring in customers, sales don't continually rise, and profits aren't always there. In this book, small business maverick Bob Adams shows you how things really get done, and acts as your mentor by providing instant access to streetwise advice on every small business topic.
    Regular price: $17.95  

    Adams - Time Management
    Everyone who works wishes there were more hours in the day, so that they could do their job right. But the secret isn't in working more hours - instead, you need to learn to use the time you already have more efficiently and effectively. Regular price: $9.95


    Cold Calling Techniques
    Stephan Schiffman's sales training guides have sold so many copies because they give sales people proven tools they can use to increase your sales. Cold Calling Techniques is the ultimate guide to creating new sales-one of the most critical skills you need. If you want to increase your sales, you must get good cold calling to get the face to face appointments you need. Cold Calling Techniques features field-tested techniques for reaching decision-makers, making appointments, and making your pitch-as well as invaluable advice on how to increase the number of calls you can make, improve your closing ratio, and beat your competition..
    Regular price: $8.95


    Streetwise Business Letters & Forms
    There's no need to spend time trying to create a professional-looking form. The hard work is already done for you! Just plug in the data and print! Even the calculations are automatically done!
    - 2500 ready-to-use business letters.
    - 150 ready-to-use business forms.
    Regular price: $39.95

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