Videos to Start & Build Your Business

5 Myths About Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneur Bob Adams debunks some business myths and explains that you can start your own business with virtually no money and little time.

Entrepreneurs Need to Be Salespeople

From understanding customers to driving revenue, here are five reasons why entrepreneurs have to be good at sales.

5 Debt Options for Business Financing

From credit cards to online loans and mezzanine capital, get an expert's advice on the many debt options available to you.

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Find out how content marketing enables you to connect deeply with your audience and build solid business relationships.

Venture Capitalists: Why and How They Invest in Startups

From the size of the market to the solidity of the founding team, learn what VCs look for in startups and how they invest.

How I Started my Online Business on a Budget

From having a plan and finding mentors to soliciting feedback from your network, here are some tips for starting a business on the cheap.

How Pay-Per-Click Ads Work for You

Learn why running pay-per-click ad campaigns can help boost your business's search engine rankings.