BusinessTown Videos of the Day

7 Keys to Starting a Successful Business

Be committed to your business and build a great plan! Bob Adams takes your through his 7 key strategic elements to starting your own successful business.

Understanding Income Tax for Small Businesses

Who files income taxes? Entrepreneur Bob Adams discusses income taxes and how you should manage them.

How to Price Your Services: A Proven Formula

In this episode, Steve Davis covers the best ways to price your products and services.

Being Cheap: How To Turn It into a Core Competency

It is crucial to be cheap when running a business. Bob Adams explains why and shows how to be clever when cutting costs and saving money.

Use Twitter to Generate Leads

Who should you reach out to on Twitter? It depends on the type of leads that you want to generate and your sales goals, as explained in this video.

Should I Incorporate or Form an LLC?

Answering 8 questions you should ask yourself when choosing a legal structure, Bob Adams helps you decide whether you should incorporate your business or form a LLC.

Make Your Website Unforgettable

Almost two-fifths of website viewers will leave pages that take too long to load or are confusing! How do you make sure you website engages your customers?

Marketing Without a Budget

From coupons to new customer offers, Bob Adams discusses some cheap marketing tricks to boost your business.

Has Your Business Plateaued? 4 Ways to Send it Soaring

Do you feel like your business could perform at a higher level? Bob Adams gives you four proven approaches that could dramatically boost your business.

Build Your Business Brand Without Breaking The Bank

Bob Adams tells you why your business's image is so crucial and shows you how to build your image without breaking the bank.

3 Keys to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Michael Boezi tells you about about the 3 keys to a successful content marketing strategy: consistency, persistence, and patience.