Videos to Start & Build Your Business

Stop Failing: How To Set and Realize Your Business Goals

Why most goal setting falls short and how to use the 5 part SMART goal system to drive your business ahead.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Business?

Find out how content marketing enables you to connect deeply with your audience and build solid business relationships.

Use Twitter to Generate Leads

Find out how any business can use Twitter to develop relationships with potential customers and turn followers into sales leads.

Entrepreneurs Need to Be Salespeople

From understanding customers to driving revenue, here are five reasons why entrepreneurs have to be good at sales.

How to Price Your Services: A Proven Formula

Learn several different pricing options including offering discounts to "reference" accounts to get your business rolling.

3 Options for Managing Human Resources

When managing human resources, should you do it yourself, hire an attorney that specializes in employment law, or contract an HR expert?


BusinessTown Today Show: Dead Mice, Tattoo Removal & Confucius!

Bob sits down with Disappearing Inc’s founder Rob Harris, answers your questions and gives you some tips to take your business to the next level.