Videos to Start & Build Your Business

How to Ask Friends and Family to Finance a Business

Should you ask friends and family for money to start your small business? Bob Adams explains how it is not that different from asking for a business loan from the bank.

11 Steps to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

When your customer is on your Website, the competition is only one click away! Bob Adams tells you how to turn your website into a convincing sales machine.

How to Gain Market Share on a Budget

Discover what market segmentation is and how it impacts product design, and learn how to divide and conquer a market on a limited budget.

The 3 Worst Productivity Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

From making your own schedule to avoiding multitasking, learn how to boost your productivity as an entrepreneur.

From WWE Superstar to Successful Business Owner

Famous ex-WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page discusses how he discovered and built a business around an unexpected niche market for yoga. He also gives guidance to entrepreneurs about focus, tenacity, and expertise.

The Best Businesses to Start With 10k

Want to start your own business? Looking for the best business ideas? Here are 33 exciting business ideas that you can start for 10k or less.t

4 Alternatives to Traditional Financing

Discover creative ways to finance a new venture, including bootstrapping, using accelerators, crowdsourcing and pitch contests.