Videos to Start & Build Your Business

Websites Need a Value Proposition & Call-to-Action

Find out how to design a Website that clearly states its purpose and highlights its benefits.

An Ex-Google Recruiter’s Guide to Hiring Success

From letting people know you're hiring to interviewing candidates, this video will walk you through the hiring process from start to finish.

Is There a Market for Your Product?

90 percent of startups build a product nobody wants. Follow this four-step process to make sure customers will buy what you're selling.


Foursquare Founder Dennis Crowley

Dennis Crowley had his first social-media app bought by Google and then shut down. Then, he came back. In this video, he talks about his entrepreneurial journey, how he created Foursquare and what it's like to manage and run a modern tech startup.

Use Twitter to Build an Audience & Drive Traffic

Twitter is the best social media platform for getting up and running for free. Learn how to use Twitter to build a targeted audience and drive people to your website.

Is SEO Right For Your Business?

Think you don't need SEO because your business is small and local? Well... It really depends on what your business do. Learn more in this video.

Write Better Blog Posts: 3 Critical Rules

From making it personal to using great headlines, learn how to get people to actually read your blog.