Videos to Start & Build Your Business

Use Your Strength and Passion to Be a Great Leader

The more we focus on our strengths and talents, the more we get out of our lives. Learn how to find your own "Zone of Leadership."

Keep Your Website Fresh with Engaging Content

How do you keep your website fresh without diluting your brand? Don’t keep your page static and follow these tips to make sure your user base is engaged constantly.

5 Myths about Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneur Bob Adams debunks some business myths and explains that you can start your own business with virtually no money and little time.

Be a Scientist: Experiment and Make Mistakes

Learn why entrepreneurs shouldn't fear failure and why they can learn more from mistakes than from successes.

The 3 Biggest Questions Investors Ask & How to Answer Them

From presenting regular financial statements to understanding your cash burn rate, discover ways to answer the biggest questions your investors will ask.

Why You Need a Local Web Presence

If you want to your business to pop up in search results, you need a local Web presence. Learn why in this video.

Get Organized and Take Charge of Your Business

From managing your time to organizing your computer, entrepreneur Bob Adams shows you how to be insanely organized and explains how it can boost your business.