Videos to Start & Build Your Business

Create Your Unique Selling Proposition

What is a USP? How do you build yours? Why is it so important for your business? Watch this video to find out.

YouTube is the Secret to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly relevant in this digital era. Learn how to find and recruit influencers who can help you reach your target audience.

5 Myths About Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneur Bob Adams debunks some business myths and explains that you can start your own business with virtually no money and little time.

How to Emotionally Connect to Your Audience

Ads are dying, and traffic is overrated. What really matters in content marketing is building trust with your audience so that they share your content. Learn more from author and expert Mark Schaefer.

Should I Incorporate or Form an LLC?

Answering 8 questions you should ask yourself when choosing a legal structure, Bob Adams helps you decide whether you should incorporate your business or form a LLC.

3 Keys to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Discover why you need to create your own unique content strategy using the three critical elements of content marketing.

How to Set up Your Ideal Customer Journey

Do you know what it takes to convert prospects into customers? Learn the stages of the customer journey and how to make it work for you.