BusinessTown Videos of the Day

The Key to Success Begins in the Morning

Entrepreneur Bob Adams discusses his morning routine and explains how a good morning routine can make your day more productive and successful.

How Frequently Should I Advertise?

Bob Adams discusses the ideal frequency with which you should advertise your business to test the most popular advertising media.

Commonly Offered Benefits at Small Companies

Bob Adams explains what benefits are commonly offered in small companies and discusses what you should consider as a small business owner when it comes to benefits.

What’s the Difference Between Your Logo and Your Brand?

In this episode of Logo Logic, we help you distinguish between your logo and your brand.

How to Price Your Services: A Proven Formula

In this episode, Steve Davis covers the best ways to price your products and services.

Boost Profits 50% Through Strategic Purchasing

Careful purchasing can increase your profit margin! Bob Adams shows you how to double your profits just by purchasing with a little more care.

10 Steps to Turn Around a Struggling Small Business

When your business is in trouble, you'd better have a plan! Here's 10 key steps in turning around a struggling business.

Being Cheap: How To Turn It into a Core Competency

It is crucial to be cheap when running a business. Bob Adams explains why and shows how to be clever when cutting costs and saving money.

How to Create a Pro Forma Cash Flow for Your Small Business

Bob Adams explains the concept of cash flow and shows you why it is absolutely crucial for your small business.

Trade Show Success: Setting Strategies, Objectives & Plans

Bob Adams explains some key elements to think about when attending a trade show and shows you how to create a killer trade show strategy to make your business stand out.

How to Get Your Customers to Do Your Selling for You

Nothing beats a referral! Bob Adams explains why satisfying your clients and differentiating your brand could get your customers to do your selling for you.