BusinessTown Videos of the Day

Turning Your Idea into a Business

What is ideation and how does it apply to your business? By figuring out the what, why, and who, your concept will become a fully formed business idea.

5 Principles for Building a Leadership Culture

Everybody can be a leader! Bernie explains how to foster leadership to boost your organization.

3 Powerful Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand

Bob Adams tells you why having a great differentiated strategy is insanely important and gives some advice to build your own business strategy.

Why Starting a Small Business Is Better than Winning a Lottery

Bob Adams explains why you have better odds at making a million dollars by starting your own business than trying your luck at the lottery.

Complete Business Plan Outline

Writing a business plan doesn't have to be intimidating. Bob Adams explains how to write a great business plan and walks you through a complete business plan outline.

How to Create An Engaging Presentation

Give the best business presentations! Entrepreneur Bob Adams discusses the basics of a good presentation and how to create presentations that engage your audience.

How to Create a Pro Forma Balance Sheet

What is a pro forma balance sheet? Learn how to create a pro forma balance sheet and why you may need one.

Planning for Profits

Working hard isn't always enough! Entrepreneur Bob Adams explains why you should carefully adjust your business plan and set motivating goals to increase your profits.

3 Keys to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Michael Boezi tells you about about the 3 keys to a successful content marketing strategy: consistency, persistence, and patience.

Keeping Your Hiring Practices Legal

Bob Adams explains how you can simply respect hiring laws and why it is important to do so as a small business owner.

7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Managing People

From understaffing to putting off firing people, Bob Adams tells you about the seven most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when managing employees.