BusinessTown Videos of the Day

How to Make Google Work for You

In this episode of Startup Marketing, we look at how you can improve your rank on Google.

Understanding Employment Taxes for Small Businesses

As an employer you are also a tax collector. Bob Adams discusses employment taxes and how you should manage them within your small business.

Angel Investor: Should I Seek One for My Business?

What is an angel investor? Is it right for your small business? Bob Adams tells you whether or not you should seek an angel investor when starting your business.

8 Ways to Get Employees to Overperform

Build your dream team and make your small business insanely successful! Entrepreneur Bob Adams shows you 8 ways to get your employees to do their best.

Buying a Business: Opportunities and Concerns

Bob Adams discusses the advantages of buying an existing business and how it can improve your chances of success.

Sales Presentations: Adapt to Your Customers’ Needs

Sell solutions, not products! Entrepreneur Bob Adams shows you how to focus your sales presentations on your customers' needs.

How to Make Work Fun, Satisfying, and Meaningful

Make work fun, satisfying, and meaningful! According to Bob Adams, career advancement and work satisfaction really matter.