Videos to Start & Build Your Business

SEO: How to Optimize Web Pages

From the title tag to the meta description and images, learn how to optimize the different elements of your webpage so people can find you online.

Business Valuation Basics

How can you know how much the business you want to buy is worth? Learn the art of business valuation with Bob Adams.

Marketing Success in 9 Steps

From knowing your audience to emphasizing your competitive advantage, business author Andrew McDermott explains his 9 steps you need follow to make sure your marketing efforts succeed.


Dead Mice, Tattoo Removal & Confucius!

Bob sits down with Disappearing Inc’s founder Rob Harris, answers your questions and gives you some tips to take your business to the next level.

How to Succeed as a Freelancer

If you are a freelancer, you are wearing all the hats in your business! Copywriter and freelance expert Julie Cortes tells you what you need to know to become a successful freelancer.

The 20/3 Rule For Email Marketing & Other Tips

From paying more attention to your subject line to keeping your email short, learn 3 tips that will boost your email marketing results.

How to Get a Bank Loan for Your Business

What do banks look for in a business loan application? Bob Adams explains his theory of the 3 Cs and what to do to get a bank loan for your small business.