Videos to Start & Build Your Business

Why Marketing Is Tricky and What to Do About It

Be involved in your business's marketing activities and be sure to run tests! Bob Adams explains why marketing is tricky and gives you some important marketing tips.

5 Myths about Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneur Bob Adams debunks some business myths and explains that you can start your own business with virtually no money and little time.

How to Get a Bank Loan for Your Business

What do banks look for in a business loan application? Bob Adams explains his theory of the 3 Cs and what to do to get a bank loan for your small business.

Trade Show Success: Setting Strategies, Objectives & Plans

Bob Adams explains some key elements to think about when attending a trade show and shows you how to create a killer trade show strategy to make your business stand out.

Business Valuation Basics

How can you know how much the business you want to buy is worth? Learn the art of business valuation with Bob Adams.