Videos to Start & Build Your Business

How to Price Your Services: A Proven Formula

Learn several different pricing options including offering discounts to "reference" accounts to get your business rolling.

Stop Failing: How to Set & Achieve Business Goals

Why most goal setting falls short and how to use the 5 part SMART goal system to drive your business ahead.

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition?

Market your business differently! Bob Adams explains why your business needs a unique selling proposition and how it differs from your strategy.

SEO: How to Optimize Web Pages

From the title tag to the meta description and images, learn how to optimize the different elements of your webpage so people can find you online.

How to Ask Friends and Family to Finance a Business

Should you ask friends and family for money to start your small business? Bob Adams explains how it is not that different from asking for a business loan from the bank.

Why Marketing Is Tricky and What to Do About It

Be involved in your business's marketing activities and be sure to run tests! Bob Adams explains why marketing is tricky and gives you some important marketing tips.


Multitasking, Sushi and a Dinosaur Hotel

Dinosaur hotels, multitasking, and Japanese restaurants. In this episode of BusinessTown today, we find out from where inspiration and innovation can come.