Every business is working hard to build a strong business identity and it takes so much more than having the best products in the market. Your business name and how you are recognized in the market is important and will determine if customers buy your products or not. The question ‘What is in a name?’… READ MORE

You may have a great idea looming around in your head, journal or back pocket, but you can’t make it happen because you lack the resources, capital and the market knowledge to deliver it. Hence, forming a joint venture with another company is seen as a plausible solution. It is not like a partnership agreement… READ MORE

Modern Website design has gone through many phases. After a lot of experiments and tweaks with elements, it is the simple and clean design that remains the winner. With Website design continuing to evolve at a fast pace, you have to learn new things at every turn of the road. To keep up with the… READ MORE

When it comes to marketing, small businesses face numerous challenges. Compared to their competitors, they have small manpower and marketing funds. Given that they’re working with so many constraints, their marketing approach needs to be creative and thoroughly focused. They might lack resources, but they cannot take the emerging and ever-changing trends in marketing lightly…. READ MORE

A company’s Website showcases the business to the public accessing it, and the visual impression that it creates can be very impactful. Before undertaking a Web design project, you need to categorially focus on the user-friendly interface and functionality of the Website in order to minimize your bounce rate. The various dimensions that the online… READ MORE

As a small-business owner, one of the greatest assets you can invest and reap results from is time. You can have a loose hand on money. You can even lose a business and get it back. But time is irretrievable and something that needs to be tapped immediately. Moreover, if you’re in the process of… READ MORE

The ‘Internet of things’ has crossed the threshold of our kitchen spaces. You can now do everything starting from monitoring the heat to cooking the steak (almost close to tasting it) and turning on the coffee maker with the help of just an app. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of seven ultimate… READ MORE

Being a leader is much more than a job position. It’s more than your personality, and you don’t have to be born charismatic and friendly to lead. Leadership is more of a choice than anything else. It involves changing your entire mindset to embrace leadership opportunities that come your way. Once you’ve developed the right… READ MORE

Let’s get this straight. You have a company, or rather a product or service, which you want to promote and sell. This is the basic mantra for every company out there. Some of these companies might just be providing the same product or service, making them your competitors. And they might even have a better… READ MORE

For marketers, the ever-changing social media landscape in due course renders many forecasts invalid. However, it’s still helpful to contemplate where we are currently as an industry and where we are heading as we move further into 2017. As we enact our strategies for social media marketing for 2017, it’s good to have an overview… READ MORE

Since he swept to victory in the US elections in November, there’s been a scramble on to figure out exactly what the impact of a Donald Trump presidency might be on numerous core areas of policy. The wildly disparate headlines and predictions – swinging from gloomy to upbeat, depending on the publication carrying them –… READ MORE

In today’s marketing landscape, blogs are a dime a dozen. What this means for bloggers is that standing out in 2017 is critical. Good advice is not enough. Now, you need a secret sauce alongside great content to get views. While there are a few ways to get a competitive advantage in content marketing, a… READ MORE

YouTube isn’t the only platform for video anymore. Facebook allows people to upload videos and even offers a function that filters user news fields to show video content only. Instagram and Snapchat make it easy for users to upload video, and if your business is currently active on those platforms, you should take advantage of… READ MORE

As a startup, you have many competing priorities, and resources are usually scarce to address all challenges in the best possible way. To succeed, you need to focus on product development, sales and other things that may be insignificant but require your attention for the smooth running of the business. If you run a services… READ MORE

Have you always thought that leaders are aggressive because they need to stand up for their own among the others in the business world? Well, this is not exactly true because aggressiveness cannot be considered as a quality that always works, but assertiveness certainly is. Assertive leaders and success often go hand in hand because… READ MORE

FinTech, or financial technology, in the future looks very promising for the USA and UK. In 2015, the category in amassed £6.6 billion in the UK. Year-on-year investments in global FinTech rose from 2013 to 2016 by £26 billion. Another talking point regarding the future on FinTech is: How will Brexit affect the FinTech industry?… READ MORE

Do you know the various types of business structures? Do you know the manner in which each business structure is taxed? Do you know that the business structure will determine how much profit you keep? How you do business is as important as what your business does. Wealthy business owners spend valuable time deciding on… READ MORE

Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? Many entrepreneurs and business owners are intimately familiar with this desire – and for good reason. As our productivity increases, so do our results and ultimately our revenue. The trick is to find the right tactics and strategies that get you where you want to… READ MORE

In the world of SEO, citations are used to enlist the name and address of your commercial venture on other Web pages. The citations are extremely helpful for the advancement of your local business. If you have not been able to create a Website for your venture, citations from well-indexed portals will help you build… READ MORE

For many people, virtual reality (VR) still seems like a thing of the future, especially for businesses that are still wrapping their minds around the necessity of digital and social media. While VR is far from a new concept, the industry has seen exponential growth in the past few years, with huge companies like Facebook… READ MORE

As a business owner, you must make sure that your investment is paying off well. The return on investment (ROI) of any business is sometimes the most critical factor for the upcoming success. As the marketplace evolves, business managers from all over the place are choosing to change their strategies. Human Ressources Matters In any… READ MORE

You see quizzes all over Facebook and Twitter, often accompanied with people sharing their results. Those quizzes aren’t just for fun. Many of them are part of a larger marketing plan for small and large businesses alike. Your content marketing strategy might already include multimedia content, but does it involve quizzes, as well? They’re a… READ MORE

Marketing Is Changing Rapidly Marketing is changing rapidly as new tools are coming to light. The changes are happening rapidly and they are not always unpredictable. The marketing industry is different from what it was a decade ago. The digital age has revolutionized the marketing industry and it is playing a major and critical role… READ MORE

So, you have assembled a team of skillful individuals and want them to boost your business as much as they can. How exactly do you do it? Clearly, you need to get most out of each member of the team but how do you ensure that they do their best? The Team Environment Is Key… READ MORE

Social media has taken over the business world in such a way that you can easily tell the businesses that are serious about it from the ones that are not. Simply, if they have a social media profile, they want to be competitive in today’s market. If they don’t, they are not interested in building… READ MORE

The field of accounting offers plenty of opportunities for advancement, and many accounting professionals consider opening their own practice to be the pinnacle of their career efforts. If you’re seriously considering opening your own firm, there’s a variety of aspects you need to keep in mind and challenges you should be prepared to face. Which… READ MORE

What exactly are logos and is it right to see them only as identifiers of brands and businesses? How do people look at logos and symbols? Is there an authority that dictates the design process or is crowdsourcing the contemporary way of drawing creativity? Recognizing Logos and Symbols People sometimes use logos and symbols interchangeably…. READ MORE

When it comes to video calls as a primary form of corporate communication in general, there are a lot of people who still aren’t completely comfortable with the idea. But the fact of the matter is that when people are looking to get ahead, they know how valuable videoconferencing can be. However, when you put… READ MORE

Implementing marketing strategies can cost entrepreneurs a lot of money. Fortunately, small businesses can take advantage of the Internet to compete with large and already established businesses out there. If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be intimidated by other large companies that seem to be throwing off money for left and right… READ MORE

Planning for disaster isn’t the most glamorous of projects but ideally something that needs to be in place. If your business was suddenly the subject of fire, flood, theft or IT malfunctions, would you be able to continue to operate as normal? Hopefully you’ll never have to recover from any of these, but having precautions… READ MORE

When you think of apps and social media, you probably think of them as things consumers use, or things you can sell, right? They are both something that consumers use, and lately, businesses have gotten a firm hold on using social media to market their business. But one channel, apps, are not being used to… READ MORE

Mobile apps are not going anywhere. In fact, studies show that more and more people worldwide use phones and tablets to go online, rather than desktop computers and laptops. Couple this with the fact that children are discarding not just computers, but TV’s and consoles in favor of their small portable devices. But while it’s… READ MORE

For those individuals or companies that are looking to increase their social media presence, the world of content marketing can seem daunting. There is a great deal of advice and information available that can be potentially misleading. To gain the most out of content marketing, you should focus on three main aspects. By doing so… READ MORE

For good reason, your brand is closely related to your business philosophy. It’s a symbol that empowers you and your staff and inspires your clients to put their trust in something they can relate to. Similar to how your brand affects both employees and clients, so too can your office achieve the same effect. Apart… READ MORE

IBM estimates that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day – this amount of data is enough to fill 10 million Blu-Ray discs. The rate at which we have been creating data means that in the past two years alone we have created 90 percent of the data that exists today; this data… READ MORE

When starting a business in just about any industry, there are certain things you need to know and remember that will be critical to the survival of your company. In this article, I am going to cover 7 things you need to remember while starting a cleaning business to improve the likelihood of business success…. READ MORE

Website popups are probably one of the most controversial features you can implement on your Website. While some find them annoying, many marketers swear by them. In reality, they are one of the best possible calls to action a Website can have. There are many different ways to implement popups; however, one of the best… READ MORE

Day in, day out, you create web content. You have great writing abilities and the subject matter you share is comprised of topics that your readers want. Still, you have a hard time meeting your content goals. The most successful content creators have a secret – they work with an editor. You could hire someone… READ MORE

Concentration and focus are what makes some people brilliant workers and increases their chances of building healthy and robust careers. On the other hand, these are two factors that, when absent, decrease a person’s general potential. With the growing number of individuals with attention deficit disorder, specialists recommend paying more attention to the issues of… READ MORE

There’s always something happening in the real estate market. As one of the major driving forces behind every economy, it offers a wide range of opportunities for different types of jobs. Due to the lively character of this field, it attracts lots of new entrepreneurs. According to data published by the US Census Bureau, about… READ MORE

Franchising works. That’s not to say every business should franchise or everyone should own one, but they do work. There is plenty of proof that franchising models can be beneficial to both the franchisor and franchisee. However, as with any other business, there are a number of factors that could mean success or failure. Franchising… READ MORE

When you’re sitting in a dorm room, surrounded by books and don’t have any capital, starting a business is a longshot at best. Still, the roots of many startups’ success stories can be traced back to the college. Business ideas and operations are flourishing on campuses, empowered by rapid technological advancement. The entrepreneur’s vision engrosses… READ MORE

Does your Website convert? If not, you are losing customers. I guarantee you that your competitor is converting visitors, some of whom are those you failed to convert due to not having a call to action (CTA) on your Website. Imagine this. You walk into a restaurant and see plenty of empty tables. You smell… READ MORE

Not All Content Marketing Strategies Work For Everyone It would take a lot of time for you to analyze the most common practices of content marketers. In fact, you really don’t have to make all that effort, since there are tons of online guides and insights from experts, telling you about the successful practices that… READ MORE

Tech is a necessity for any business, so much so that we often fail to calculate what we need when starting a new business. Computers, phones, and tablets are so common that we often do not budget for them. When starting a business, look through this list and take into consideration what you will need…. READ MORE

Almost everyone who has been through cosmetology training and has spent months or years perfecting the art of hair styling or spa treatments has thought of the possibility of working for themselves. Opening your own salon is a dream for many and it’s entirely within your reach to make this dream a reality. Just like… READ MORE

Starting a business is exciting and filled with opportunities for success. Many entrepreneurs use loans from friends or family or rely on credit cards to finance their businesses. Although both of these financing methods seem innocuous at first, failing to make timely payments can affect personal relationships or have a negative impact on your credit… READ MORE

I hear about people who feel trapped working a 9-5 job on a daily basis. They dread Monday mornings, they want to leave as soon as they arrive, and they don’t have financial freedom.They wish so badly they could do something meaningful, but it seems like a lofty goal. But luckily, no one is stuck…. READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, you’re pursuing your dream, taking risks, and making moves. It’s likely that your company is a major conversation topic to you, to the point that some of your close friends and family have asked you to calm down. No matter where you go, there’s some form of networking that ends up happening,… READ MORE

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine next to Google, broadcasting videos to more than a billion users in 54 languages. With a potential audience this large, it’s no wonder businesses are turning to YouTube as a vital part of their social media strategy. Uploading videos is a fantastic way to increase your client base,… READ MORE

Unless you’re a professional developer, building a Website is a daunting task. When creating a new site, or updating your current one, the biggest concern any business owner has is its impact on the bottom line. However, before your Website has the opportunity to convert traffic into cold, hard cash, you will need to garner… READ MORE

Some graduate degree programs, such as MBA programs, seem to easily lend themselves to entrepreneurship. With others, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur might not seem as immediately obvious. Take, for example, engineering. Most people who take the time to earn an advanced degree in engineering are likely to enter the field in some capacity,… READ MORE

When you establish a social-media presence for your small business, do not limit yourself to just posting valuable and informative content. You must also engage in all possible forms. Engagement can be done through liking, sharing, retweeting, as well as by following similar businesses, current customers and especially potential customers. Be a little ambitious and… READ MORE

When apps like Snapchat and Pokémon Go can do wonders for business, then there’s got to be apps to help you stay on top of your finances when you’re running a small business. Owners of small business startups and SMEs often tend to lose their sanity trying to juggle all the expenses that get incurred,… READ MORE

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat become increasingly saturated melting pots of branded content, the one social media platform that may hold the most potential for your business seems also to be the hardest to crack: Pinterest. The crucial difference between Pinterest and other social platforms is that users actually go to Pinterest for… READ MORE

In the dynamic world of social media, you need to humanize your interactions with your audience and make them feel important. Personalizing your mission statement in order to reach out to potential customers can do wonders for your brand. The brand image that your company portrays is the amalgamation of your business’s identity incorporating all… READ MORE

It’s 10 to 2. This is it. Your big presentation to your investors. This is your moment of truth. You have 10 minutes before you step into that boardroom and do the pinnacle talk of your career as an entrepreneur. The clock ticks loudly in your head. Your hands sweat. Your heart races. You’ve got… READ MORE

There are many types of business leaders. There are middle managers, who supervise the grunts and oversee everyday projects. There are directors and administrators, who claim more responsibilities but often still answer to higher-ups. There are executives, who make wide-reaching, long-term plans, hoping to lead businesses to greater successes. Finally, there is the ultimate type… READ MORE

If you’re looking to build an explosive startup, one that grows by nature and in ways that sometimes surprise you, then you need to start looking at hiring as a growth hack. When you hire the right people, they’ll go above and beyond on every project, because that’s just what they do. These people allow… READ MORE

The need for high-quality software-development processes has never been greater, regardless of which industry your business operates in. As companies, their clients and consumers in general continue to move toward cloud computing, it’s never been more important to fill your employee roster with talented developers. However, in today’s competitive market, finding and retaining the right… READ MORE

As much as we may try to deny it, money makes the world go round. The primary aim of just about any business is to make as much as possible. Technology is helping to achieve this goal in many ways and plays a pivotal role in saving as well as making money. There’s an abundance… READ MORE

Blogging is a smart idea when you own a small business because you can get much closer to your customers by simply sharing your ideas with them on social media. However, blogging might not seem easy for small-business owners because they first need to create a consumer base and then get closer to them by… READ MORE

Do you know what many entrepreneurs desire? Fostering sustainable growth for their business. It’s a straightforward goal but often difficult to achieve. In fact, most business owners come to the point where they realize that they can’t scale their businesses alone. The way forward? Influencer marketing. The connections that you make with influencers play a… READ MORE

Exhibiting at a trade show for the very first time can feel daunting. With a mountain of leads to take and a plethora of people to meet and greet, it can be hard to know where to start and how to do the very best for your company. Here are a few top tips to… READ MORE

The Internet has earned its reputation for being dangerous. It can be a bad world, with prominent hackers prowling and waiting for businesses to make security mistakes. All it takes is one slip for them to get into your Website or your data and wreak havoc. This is one of the reasons why cybersecurity these… READ MORE

Business plans can be long and complex, but they don’t have to be. In fact, a one-page business plan can often be better and more powerful than a traditional plan. Writing a one-page plan is also a useful exercise because it forces you to think critically about your business and get right to the point… READ MORE

Want to expand the reach of your brand, improve your company’s reputation, build your social media following, and drive conversions? Instagram is an excellent resource that any small business can use. It’s currently the fastest-growing social media platform, and it offers incredible marketing benefits to any business. Boasting more than 500 million active users, Instagram… READ MORE

Congratulations, you’ve got a nice small to medium-sized business up and running, and you’re ready to take things to the next financial level. Bigger customer base, higher revenue, greater profit. Sounds great, right? So, how do you get there? Well, we all know that marketing is the engine that drives sales, and if you’ve hit… READ MORE

Mobile apps have become intrinsic to our lives. They are making life easier for us in more ways than one and their popularity is undeniable. Creating mobile apps makes fantastic business sense for brands and app developers, who want to capitalize on their surging popularity, drive visibility for their businesses and earn loads for money…. READ MORE

Employees are the most valuable assets a company has. Managers know that the success of a business depends on the priorities, resources, and productivity of employees. Business owners need to provide a favorable environment for their employees. This will allow them fulfill their tasks efficiently. Recruitment is a very important exercise. It gives you a… READ MORE

Some believe that social media is a temporary marketing interest, where temporary means unprofitable. However, others have recognized it as a huge marketing leverage and have found numerous ways of taking advantage of it. Marketers claim that social media marketing is an important aspect of any promotional campaign, as Hubspot reported in 2014. And while… READ MORE

In a world where content is truly king, why is so much of it mediocre? For one, most people don’t know what remarkable content is, so let’s define it. Remarkable content is a work of art that people can’t stop reading. It fascinates you and makes you want more. It solves a burning pain, resonates… READ MORE

With the advent of modern technology came the rise of various marketing channels such as online ads and social media. What is little known about these channels is how decidedly intertwined they are. They play the same game and aim for the same goal: better return on investment (ROI). Two of these platforms, email marketing… READ MORE

The growth of a business depends on two major factors: the revenue model and the people who drive the business. The companies that can develop innovative revenue models and hire great people tend to grow faster than the others. Once you have a business model in place, you need the right people to execute it…. READ MORE

Once the global financial crisis hit back in 2008-09, the banking and lending landscape changed quite quickly around the world, particularly in the United States. Banks changed their lending criteria seemingly overnight, and funds became much tougher for businesses access. Since that time, alternative lending institutions have cropped up to fill the gap. However, all… READ MORE

The US Patent and Trademark Office gives inventors a patenting grace period in the form of a provisional patent. Companies and inventors who think they can exploit this can end up in trouble. Protecting an innovation with a patent is an enduring American tradition dating back to the time of Thomas Jefferson. The U.S. Patent… READ MORE

The best marketing campaigns are as different as chalk and cheese. But this doesn’t change the fact that they have a few things in common. For instance, they make tremendous efforts in engaging customers, allocate their resources to implement the strategies and think out-of-the-box to pique the interest of their target audience. Some of the… READ MORE

What is the purpose of A/B testing? It can help you address shortcomings in the user experience on your Website. By testing numerous page elements, you can mend holes and ensure better business conversion. But while doing so, you need to ensure that it does not hurt your SEO position. In doing A/B testing, you… READ MORE

Thanks to the width and breadth of online marketing guides, you likely understand the importance of engaging your target audience. Through blogs and social media, infographics and email newsletters, you can encourage your core customers to continue supporting your business. Yet, while you are expending so much energy trying to keep your customers coming back,… READ MORE

Holiday season is here! If you didn’t manage to get your employees and colleagues gifts during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, take your time and think it through. Sometimes huge discounts lure people into buying something that their colleagues don’t actually want or need, and the feverish atmosphere of shopping malls can be distracting…. READ MORE

(Image credit “The Office” NBC) “And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” The above quote pretty much says it all about TV’s Michael Scott: a boss who acted like he had all of the answers, yet he really knew much less… READ MORE

Millions of people around the world spend many hours each week dreaming about how it would feel to hand in their resignation at work and walk away to do their own thing. However, while it’s a lovely idea to think about, the reality can be quite different from the dream and end up causing a… READ MORE

It used to be that when small business owners were denied loan from banks, they were out of options. But with the emergence of online and alternate lending, that’s no longer the case. There are more types of business loans available online than ever before, which means more opportunities to get funding for your business…. READ MORE

Day after day, you pour everything you have into making your business succeed. You bend over backward for customers, design new and creative ways of generating revenue and make every necessary sacrifice to advance your business’s bottom line. After all that work, how could you possibly waste the hard-earned dollars you’ve just brought in? Surprisingly,… READ MORE

If your work is anything more complex than walking and chewing gum, you don’t want to multitask! In fact, I contend that effective multitasking doesn’t really even exist! Multitasking is really task switching masked as a more impressive endeavor. But don’t be misled – multitasking is a curse not a blessing! When you switch from… READ MORE

Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is by just doing it. Unfortunately, following this philosophy for search-engine optimization (SEO) is likely to get your Website sandboxed by Google and de-indexed from search results. Too many people simply jump into the SEO game without knowing what they are doing. The results of their “learn-as-you-go” philosophy… READ MORE

Companies of all shapes and sizes need extra capital at some point—it’s simply par for the course in business. Unfortunately, while new startup entrepreneurs often have the highest immediate need for financing to launch their businesses, startups tend to have a tougher time getting financing than small businesses at other stages of growth. Typically, this… READ MORE

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that you use computers every day on the job, in some capacity at least. From marketing, administration and sales processes, through to payroll, finance, and customer service, most areas of business involve computer assistance these days. If you run your venture from home, and don’t therefore have… READ MORE

If you’re a business owner, you naturally view business growth as a good thing. It’s not only exciting but a validation of the merit of all your hard work and continual stream of good ideas. In terms of the big picture, too, a rapidly growing business is also a good thing. You not only give more… READ MORE

When you’re running a small business, at some point you’ll have to send an invoice for the work done for your clients. Proper invoicing is crucial in almost any business, even if you’re one-person show or freelancer. Not so long ago, companies handled their invoicing through paper documents sent via snail mail to another company’s… READ MORE

Have you recently found yourself opening your browser, falling down the endless blogosphere rabbit hole and constantly being slapped square across the face by the topic of “Why it’s Important to Build a Culture for Your Business”? You keep reading about how culture is the asset that your competition can never copy, right? And you’re… READ MORE

Like many business owners, you may have originally decided to start a blog to boost your site’s ranking on the major search engines. Indeed, maintaining a regularly updated blog is one of the best ways to enhance your search engine optimization efforts, but it can help you to achieve a lot more, too. After all,… READ MORE

Before you start your business, you need to give careful thought to the type of legal structure that you will choose. The decision that you make will likely have dramatic implications for years to come, especially regarding personal liability exposure, taxation, your potential to attract investors, and your ability to main control of your company…. READ MORE

A/B split testing is the process of comparing two versions of a Web page to see which one yields better results; both are concurrently exposed to a similar audience for comparative purposes. Regardless of a Website’s goal (lead generation, sales, signups, etc.), the two variations are typically judged on conversion rates. For example, an e-commerce… READ MORE

The idea of being “one-in-a-million” is ideal for characters in romantic comedies, but it’s not really a great way to think of your blog. However, unless you produce insightful content that reaches the right audience, that’s exactly what your blog will be: just one of millions of sites that no one visits. So, how do… READ MORE

So, you’ve decided that buying into a franchise looks like the right next step for you. Now comes the tricky bit, identifying a good fit franchise and ensuring you’re getting the best possible deal without falling prey to any unexpected costs, clauses or oversights. From identifying promise and evaluating costs, to scrutinizing the legal nitty… READ MORE

You may have thought being your own boss was going to give you the financial freedom you always wanted. However, running a new business is similar to buying a new home. You think everything is great and you go through an ecstatic stage, until one day everything comes crashing down. You realize that you have… READ MORE

Imagine the energy we could bring to work if, like robots, we could automatically shut-down when the workday ends, and then automatically click back on when the next work day begins! Well, no it really wouldn’t be good at all! I’ve met people who pretty closely resemble robots and believe me, they are not people… READ MORE

The hiring process is tough. You want to hire the very best candidates, but the job market is so tight right now that the best candidates are gone in just a few days. Want to sort through candidates quickly and find the best ones faster? Phone interviews, if done right, can help you figure out… READ MORE

LinkedIn: You’ve seen it evolve from a buzzword to a bona fide networking tool. You’ve received requests from colleagues, friends, and even relatives, some of whom you didn’t even think were active in the business world. You understand fully the importance of the social media platform and know you need to have a presence on… READ MORE