People talk a lot about content marketing, it’s a big buzzword but do people really understand why it’s important? My name is Michael Boezi and we’re going to get into exactly that question.

Content Marketing Is How You Make Connections

Creating a business relies on connections, forming connections with people and that’s what we use content marketing for. With the advent of social, with blogs, with the Internet, we’re able to connect with people anytime, anywhere, around the world.

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You have the same access to a customer as companies 10 times your size. Think about the power of that, think about the opportunity.

content marketing

In the modern connected landscape, you have the same access to a customer as bigger competitors.

Every business needs customers, but an audience is different. Not every company needs an audience, but if your business needs an audience that ultimately you’re going to convert into customers, then content marketing is a great thing for you.

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If you have an audience, if you’ve earned their attention first, built a relationship with them, and then built trust, it’s a pretty natural next step for them to start seeing you as the authority, and then when it’s time to solve a problem, they will come to you.

Your Audience Can Sell For You

But, it goes beyond that, and this is the power of content marketing. That audience can actually sell for you. In other words, they can bring you new customers. And here’s the magic of this, if you’re providing them with the right content at the right time and since you build trust, your audience can actually recommend you and bring you new customers.

And that really right this is why an audience is so powerful and why content marketing really works if you do it right.

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