What is the value of a search engine optimization campaign, and how does it differ from local web marketing? My name is Daniel Zayets-Volshin, and today we’re going to discuss that.

SEO Linking Has Contextual Value

SEO and local web markets share a lot of common trends. One of them in particular is linking, but in SEO linking has contextual content and contextual value. When it comes to local, it’s the local intention of the link that is so important. Not to underestimate the value of a contextual link in a local campaign, after all you’re still ranking for keywords, therefore having a relevant link for a particular keyword still would matter a lot.

Be Certain Your Links Are From Reliable Sources

Saying that, it’s not just about the link, it’s the content that is behind the link that would matter so much. So the link has to come from a reliable and relevant source, otherwise it would decrease its relevancy. Please don’t link from questionable sources. Google will eventually catch up with that. As you know, over the past few years, the companies that engaged in deceptive link building structures paid a heavy price for that and paid a heavy price for the customers.

With the properly structured SEO campaign, you will be helping your local web ranking. It is especially relevant if you are trying to optimize for a densely populated area of a major city, because when you start to rank organically, it helps dramatically to improve your local search results.

The Value of Search Engine Optimization in Local Search

SEO campaign is important especially if you’re trying to establish credibility and dominance. And if your listing does not show up for a particular local search intent, SEO is going to pick up the pieces and basically help you rank for a particular search term that might have been abandoned during the local web marketing campaign.

It is especially relevant for some of the long-term keywords which would be quite relevant for your business, especially if somebody might have a local search intent that might not be as specific as a pizza place in Boston. SEO is important, please don’t underestimate its value.