What is your
value proposition and why is it vital to your business? Hi I’m Kristin Polito and I’m going to talk today about what the value proposition is why you can leverage it when describing the value of your business. When you think of the value proposition, I want you think of one word: benefit. Visualize the value proposition in your elevator pitch as the lever, basically how everything is run within your business. So when you look at value proposition, what is the benefit to you as the owner of the business? What is the benefit that you offer to your customers, your clients, your investors, and any other audiences that you are leveraging your business? And finally, what is the value that you offer to others and how can you deliver on that? Whether it’s a product, it’s a service, or even your experience in the business. Start by writing out 3 to 4 core values that characterize your business. Once you establish your value proposition, you now have a foundation to promote your business in the future.